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Our results

  • 45%

    Increase in traffic to company blog.

  • 21%

    Increase in views of the demo.

  • 17%

    Decrease in bounce rate.


A web analytics company in Salt Lake City, Utah, recognized that they needed to break through the highly competitive web analytics market and then stay ahead of the competition. While achieving that goal, they would also address other problems they had identified: the need to increase the size of the audience in their database and the need to build momentum for a massive product launch.


DMA began by strategizing the product launch. The first part involved providing relevant and useful content, and the second part was in forming relationships with two distinct groups: those who already had an interest in a web analytics solution and those who were unaware of web analytics software. We proceeded to empower the client to become more active on social media and to aggressively share content from their website under their brand. DMA used multiple platforms to publish the client’s content and used many social platforms — Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Twitter, and blog — to amplify the reach for their content marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Agency started by developing a strategy for the product launch, beginning with providing relevant and useful content.

Michael Tinsley
Web Analytics Company
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