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Executive Summary

  • Activity on social media is relevant to the success of any business, no matter your niche.
  • It’s important to understand why that is — with so many faux companies online, people in need of a certain product or a service learned how to be careful and cautious.

Activity on social media is relevant to the success of any business, no matter your niche. The first thing your lead will look into after learning about the existence of your brand is your online activity.

It’s important to understand why that is — with so many faux companies online, people in need of a certain product or a service learned how to be careful and cautious. That’s why they will look for references that don’t come from your company’s marketing team — your leads will want to know about the experience your previous customers had with your brand.

The easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to do so is via social media; these platforms are the most convenient way for your potential customers to access all the information they need.

Now that it’s obvious why it’s vital for the future of your business to be active online, let’s go through different ways to be present on social platforms without dedicating a whole team to it.

It’s about Quality, Not Quantity

There’s a very important distinction between being active and spamming; you don’t want your followers to get overwhelmed by encountering your brand name everywhere they look. The first thing we’ll talk about, and the thing you should have in mind with each post you plan to publish, is that you need to focus on quality.

This is the only way to naturally engage your social network followers. Although quantity is important when it comes to this subject — you should aim to get more likes, shares, etc. — that shouldn’t be your primary concern in the beginning, because you’re starting from zero.

Therefore, make sure to give each post special attention. Sharing information randomly will take more of your time and energy, and it won’t really benefit your business.

Learn about Options at Your Disposal


Most people possess common knowledge about social platforms, and chances are that you have more than one profile. When you’re using social media just for the fun of it, it’s quite simple for you to get started and build your profile, because these platforms are quite simple to navigate and user-friendly.

However, you need to adopt a different mindset when you want to start using social media for business. You must learn about every tool at your disposal if you want to use your social media profile to its full potential.

What often happens, and can be highly repulsive to your leads and potential followers, is that business pages look like they were done by amateurs. If your profiles resemble the profiles of people who just discovered social platforms, that can’t possibly contribute to the level of professionalism you’re trying to portray.

So, instead of being perceived as a trustworthy brand whose team is social media literate, you will look like a company that’s not up-to-date with technology in general, not just Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or LinkedIn.

For the sake of efficiency when it comes to your online work, and for the sake of your reputation, explore your options and use them wisely. Each social platform offers an extensive list of business-oriented guides. By going through them, you’ll learn how to build a strong page and create effective posts in a minimal amount of time.

Make a Plan

In order to be productive, you need to know how you will spend every second on social media – that’s why you need a detailed plan. So, you should start each day by making a small strategy and stick to it blindly. You should separate your strategy into the three following steps:

Once you create a routine, these steps shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours – and that’s with novelties included. The final step is what will save you most time – the amazing fact is that you don’t have to revisit your profiles just to upload content and click the publish button, because social platforms will do that instead of you.

Conduct Checks Constantly

Although your online presence isn’t required for posts to get published in certain time intervals, you still need to be active. So, all time you save on posts should be directed to your audience.

You need to do your best for your page not to be perceived as robotic. A highly personalized approach is what will make you stand out from your competition, and you should direct your resources into communicating with your followers.

Your goal here is to reach that “highly responsive” grade on your social profiles. If you want to be active and attract a wide audience that will be very generous with their likes and shares, it is imperative that you interact with them.

Therefore, make sure that you respond to questions, messages, and comments, so that your followers perceive you as a business that is always there for them.

Don’t Get Distracted


It’s no wonder that people get lost on social media and spend enormous amounts of time on content that’s not particularly interesting to them – once you start browsing online, you also start falling into a rabbit hole, but unlike Alice’s, this one is filled with information.

So, whether you’re really interested in how Oreo’s are made or not, you will read about it out of pure curiosity. However, if you want to increase your efficiency online as a business, this isn’t something you should do.

Therefore, make sure to get rid of all distractions and to find a way to stay immune to those that manage to slip through your defense.

Profile Your Audience

This is another thing that is of no interest to you when you’re on your personal profile, and which is of vital importance to you as a business page. You need to care about what your audience cares about.

However, this is something your business probably researched already – your offer needs to be adjusted in accordance to the preferences of your target audience. If that’s the case, you should apply that knowledge to your online activity.

Naturally, the content you share online shouldn’t only be about your business. If you want your followers to develop a natural interest for your post, which will be shown through their activity on your page, you will need to spread your horizons a bit and introduce fresh content.

Although this sounds like a time-consuming process, it won’t be if you use your company’s resources to get all the information you need to build an accurate profile of your target audience.

Make Your Posts Interactive

In order to be as effective as possible with your online activity, you need to pay special attention to each of your posts, as we already mentioned. In order to popularize your pages and make everything you post a success, you need to have interactivity in mind.

So, your content strategy shouldn’t only involve sharing articles from your blog. You should also include:

  • questions

  • hashtags

  • tags

  • polls

  • surveys

  • contests

  • discounts

As a business page, you have a wide set of options and you should use all of them. Not only will this engage your audience, but you will also build social media accounts that are filled with diverse content.

Follow and Support Influencers

As an aspiring business, you should keep a close eye on the important names in your niche. Whether it’s an accomplished businessman who brought their business model to perfection or a teen influencer who has a YouTube channel, you need to know them.

It’s not just about who follows you, but who you follow. Supporting people who matter in your line of work will show your audience that you’re following the right example.

Not only this – by following VIPs, you’ll be able stay up-to-date with all the recent developments in the industry, upcoming events and popular subjects, which will save you a significant amount of time when it comes to gathering new information for your regular posts.

Build Posts in Accordance with Trends


We’ve already mentioned how important it is for you to come off as a social media pro. For that to happen, you need to make sure that your content agrees with the current trends.

When it comes to Facebook, you should invest in videos. This trend is on the rise and it will only continue to grow – Facebook reports over eight billion video views on a daily basis, which is something you should definitely take under consideration while you’re developing future strategies.

If you want to focus on videos only, you will need more manpower and resources to build a powerful YouTube Channel. Something like this requires experience and charisma among other things, and you should be aware of the fact that this would be a serious undertaking.

When it comes to Twitter, you should keep yourself updated with the most popular hashtags, which are usually connected with the most recent news. Make sure to use every character at your disposal, and don’t forget about content diversity.

Snapchat is all about temporary content, which can work to your advantage if you use it wisely. So, make sure to publish only effective content that is capable of grabbing the attention of your viewers in a couple of seconds.

Aesthetics is what matters on Instagram; if you want to build a popular profile on this platform, then you should make sure your photography is flawless. Also – contrary to popular belief, there is such thing as too many hashtags, so make sure that you stay within the limits.

Although this sounds like a lot to take in at once, you should understand that’s it’s a lot simpler for you to adopt new trends when you’re constantly present on social media. Building your posts in accordance with popular currents will enable you to gain more shares, viewers, likes, hearts, etc. in a shorter time frame.

Invest in Your Content

It’s one thing to schedule and release posts, but it’s a completely different thing to create them. For some people, this comes naturally – they are simply capable of reaching out to their followers.

However, if this doesn’t seem like something you’re capable of doing personally, then you should definitely hire people who are. Someone with experience in the matter will require much less time to form a post that’s contextual and trendy. On the other hand, a person with no former experience will take much longer to create content, and it won’t really be up to par.

The fact is you shouldn’t hire too many employees who will all end up doing the same activities on social media. However, you should enrich your social media management team when you feel the necessity to do so – when you lack certain expertise.

Beside investing in your content by equipping your team with professionals, you should also go through advertising methods available on social platforms. You should strive towards driving engagement naturally by sharing relevant information, but you do need a little boost to get started.

Learning about different marketing options should be a priority. Facebook and Instagram offer practically the same options and the process necessary for you to build an ad is quite similar – Instagram belongs to Facebook. What matters most regarding advertising on these two platforms is demographics – so make sure you select your pics based on the characteristics of your target audience.

LinkedIn is a bit different, although not as complicated as most people consider it to be. What a lot of users find confusing in the process of publishing an ad on LinkedIn is that your accounts need to be properly – well – linked.

In order to use some of their options, you will have to start the process from a company page or at least be linked to it. You should also know that you can’t edit your LinkedIn ad once it’s been published, so make sure that you’re careful about this.

When it comes to the Twitter team, they offer a set of options that can help you popularize your account by spreading the circle of your followers or boosting your posts, for example.

Build a Social Media Network


Finally, you should be aware of the fact that you can make your profiles on different accounts work together. First of all, you need to connect your accounts and create a network.

This is a simple process that’s practically automatic on most smartphone platforms. Once that has been dealt with, you should just pay attention to that page that appears just before publishing and which presents you with a checklist containing different platforms.

Depending on the nature of your post, you should mark all or a couple, and make your accounts work for you.


Before all of these activities become a matter of routine, you should keep a checklist of your own just to make sure that you don’t forget about any relevant piece of information. For that reason:

  • Make sure to focus on quality instead of quantity.

  • Explore your options on different social platforms.

  • Develop daily strategies and schedule posts.

  • Remember to communicate with your audience.

  • Get rid of all distractions.

  • Learn as much as you can about your audience.

  • Build interactive posts.

  • Invest into the quality of your content.

  • It matters who you follow, not only who follows you.

  • Keep yourself informed about the most popular trends.

  • Make your profiles work for you.

In time, every item on this checklist will come naturally to you. However, up until that happens, be very careful about every detail you implement in your posts, because every letter counts. Each of the options offered on different social platforms is there for a reason – people respond to it. Besides, using different options will enable you to achieve diversity, which will give your profiles a visually attractive appearance.

By creating a routine based on everything we mentioned in the article, you’ll be able to reach an enviable level of efficiency, for which you don’t need an army of employees. Like with your content, your team needs to be diverse, not numerous, so make sure that you come from different backgrounds and that each one of you can make a contribution.

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