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We are passionate and experienced digital marketers influenced by a growing and thriving digital economy. Our team is constantly looking for people who want to help others stay relevant in a constantly changing digital landscape.

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Meet the DMA Team

  • John Bliss Chief Performance Officer

    John comes to DMA with a 13-year background in search engine marketing and a 25-year background in information technology and IT consulting. His BA from Lehigh University and MBA from Florida Gulf Coast University gives him the depth of knowledge needed to improve existing client performance and grow DMA's SEM practice.

  • Joshua Moody Head of Business Development

    Josh has been creating long term strategic partnerships in the digital marketing space for over 10 years. He leads a handpicked business development team with experience in building relationships around the globe. He and his team are laser focused on creating new client relationships with business leaders who are looking to take their brand to the next level and dominate their market.

  • Sam Sanyal Customer Success Manager

    As a Customer Success Manager & avid search enthusiast, Sam brings a wealth of experience with some of the most powerful SEO/Pay Per Click tactics and strategies on the market. Sam had the opportunity to learn his skill set first-hand through exposure to a massive international audience and recognizes the challenges that any company faces when trying to get exposure to an international online community. Sam also has a significant agency background and has a true passion for digital marketing.

  • Sean Clarke VP Of Sales

    Sean works closely with business owners and our internal teams toward establishing actionable online marketing strategies based on immediate needs, shorter-term goals, and long-term growth. Each member of Sean’s team has a minimum of 6 years’ experience, with a majority having over 10 years in their respective specialties.

  • Rishabh Raj Head of SEO

    Rishabh Raj is Digital Marketing Professional who believes in result-oriented work with highest resource optimization. He started his carrier in Digital Marketing in 2012. Later he worked for local, national & global clients to grow their business by 360 marketing approach. Rishabh is the head of SEO at DMA and works diligently to achieve the highest optimization in all SEO aspects for the agency.

  • Mark Kelly Head of Google Ads

    After a career culminating in IT Management, Mark Kelly launched his Google Ads career in 2003, with a startup eCommerce business. Mark used Google Ads to drive sales for that and several subsequent eCommerce sites, before branching out into consulting with local & regional firms in a wide variety of business niches to promote their products and services. During his Google Ads career Mark has worked with several marketing agencies as their Google Paid Search Expert and has worked on hundreds of campaigns in dozens of business categories. Today Mark leads the Google Ads team at Digital Marketing Agency where he keeps himself and his team constantly aware of the latest developments and Google Ads best practices.

  • Micah Marasigan Head of Email Marketing

    Micah is an accomplished digital marketer with 5 years working experience in the digital space. Skilled in designing and implementing digital marketing strategies that generate new clients and revenue streams for businesses. With a deep understanding of various marketing channels and a proven record of developing and executing all facets of successful digital marketing campaigns. Micah is a firm believer in building a strong relationship with both clients and team members to ensure goals are met and organization flourishes. She is highly efficient and enjoys organizing and administering to the needs of the business. Micah handles all our email marketing strategy and implementation

  • Chingky Zurita Head of Social Media Marketing

    Chingky handles everything that is seen on all social media platforms of DMA from creating contents, scheduling and monitoring.

  • Khristine Nisperos Sales Support Specialist

    Khristine is an experienced Administrative Professional with a wide variety of skills. Over the course of her eight-year career in administration, she has been comfortable with different software/tools.Her skills allow her to thrive in fast-paced independent environments that let her put her incredible time management and organizational skills to use. Khristine excels at providing exceptional off-site support and generating optimal productivity and success for businesses.

  • Muzammil Hussain Head of Development

    Muzammil is software engineer with a vast array of knowledge in many different front end and back end languages, responsive frameworks, databases, and best code practices. With over 8+ years of experience in handling a diverse range of projects across various platforms.

  • Carla Joyce Onari Lead Generation Specialist

    Carla is one of the backbones of the company. She works closely with the Sales and Marketing Team to ensure the quality of leads. She is also responsible for data and database integrity for the business. She is also skilled in skip tracing and any data management. Carla is passionate about having good and quality leads to ensure that the clients achieve satisfaction with their revenues.

  • Danica Yoon Head of HR

    Danica has Extensive experience in HR, specializing in recruitment for 9 years. As an experienced virtual HR manager, handling businesses like E-commerce, Real Estate, Healthcare, Accounting, and Digital Marketing companies, Danica also bring to the team skills like HR Compliance (policy and contract creation), employee performance evaluation, and training.

  • Hershey Victoria Head of Quality Assurance

    Hershey is a Quality Assurance Specialist working closely with DMA's Business Development team She makes sure that all data are up to date. She's passionate at understanding raw information and communicating those in a presentable way. She loves research and anything digital marketing as much as she loves her 2 kids and eating.

  • Jenny Yano Head of Digital Marketing

    Jenny was an account manager handling SMB accounts for than 4 years before fully transitioning to digital marketing project management for the past 5 years. Her expertise in digital marketing traces back to more than 12 years of content generation and SEO for a variety of freelance projects. Jenny has since acquired a multitude of technical skills and knowledge in the digital marketing space through her project management experience.

  • John Brendlinger Senior Digital Marketing Architect

    John has been helping business partners develop channel-tailored digital marketing game plans for 7+ years. He is laser-focused on providing personalized business development to build long-term relationships. John connects appropriate marketing technology solutions through team collaboration pushing brands to the next level in a constantly changing digital landscape.

  • Adi Agarwal VP Of Operations

    Adi has a total experience of over 13 years in the Industry. His expertise lies in Business Management, Operations & Project Management for Digital Media Services. Driven by research, he is passionate about consulting & strategy building for clients across the globe.

  • Divya Sharma Content Head

    Divya is a visionary, and her idiosyncratic ways help our clients effectively communicate their values, keep the readership alive, and always stay ahead of the curve. She believes great content is the cornerstone of effective marketing campaigns and builds a persuasive story to captivate the audience. She has been in the industry for over five years and her time with us has been a contributing factor to our growth. Certifications: Copy Writing, Email Marketing.

  • Laxman Kumar Sr. SEO Executive

    Laxman has an elaborate experience of more than five years working with clients from many industries. With his forte being research, he helps us deliver the most competent SEO strategies to our clients. He is also a pro when it comes to the on-site and off-site analysis of the competitors. Certification: Link Building Test.

  • Anand Swamy Digital Solution Architect

    Anand serves as a valuable part of our CRM team. He has a unique approach that allows him to work in his domain in various roles, and this has allowed him to extend his service portfolio to many industries. His elaborate experience and service portfolio allows him to manage, and foster relationships that ensure the best possible outcome.

  • Ryan Arnfinson VP Of Fulfillment

    Ryan has been a part of our journey for quite a few years now. He is a pro when it comes to managing operations and has a knack for campaign planning and creative production. His primary role is to ensure compliance and keep in check if the client’s requests are being adhered to. Ryan’s also an avid reader and dog lover.

  • Gautam Kumar Sr. SEO Executive

    Gautam believes Analytics is his first language and is as proficient as SEO experts get. His valued insights and proactiveness have helped us score phenomenally for our clients for the 6 years he has been in the field. His team management skills are another big plus to his profile apart from the impressive analytical skills.

  • Prateek Singh VP Of Paid Marketing

    Prateek is the VP of Paid Media at DMA and handles digital advertising management and measurement services. He oversees a team of 20 professionals and works to support a culture of continuous professional improvement and client service innovation. His expertise lies in implementing marketing strategies in a way that they yield the best results for our clients.

  • Alicia Zendejas Digital Solution Architect

    Alicia is a Digital Solution Architect at DMA, where she creates proposals for new clients. Alicia holds certifications in HubSpot Content Marketing and Google Ads. She brings experience working in UX design and research. Alicia is passionate about creating ROI positive projections for new clients at DMA and is a confessed research nerd.

  • Aanchal Dahiya Sr. Content Writer

    Aanchal is a dexterous writer and produces exemplary pieces of content. She has been a valued part of the content team and shares the same vision as to create engaging and informative copies. With over five years of experience in content writing, she has gained an edge at drawing out the reader’s desires and formulating them in a way that nudges them towards the targeted client. Certifications: Content Marketing, Copy Writing.

  • Vedant Jaiswal SEO Executive

    Vedant is a valued member of the SEO team who can skillfully tackle the growing competition in most industries. His 360-degree approach towards digital marketing allows him to serve as a great SEO executive; from enterprise to local SEO, he is proficient in everything that is needed for our clients to soar higher.

  • Samantha Lambert Content Strategist

    Samantha is obsessed with words and the power of language. Well-strategized and executed content strategy can make a significant impact on a company’s bottom line, and she loves to harness that power to help our clients succeed. She is known for her growth strategy mindset that guides everything she does, and her knack for writing about any topic under the sun in a way that satisfies both experts and newbies alike.

  • Roshan Chand Onpage & Link Building Expert

    Roshan has extensive knowledge and expertise in link building and development strategies. With over 3+ years of experience in handling a diverse range of projects across various campaigns & platforms, Roshan has been deeply involved in planning, developing, and executing the most complex link-building campaigns. He has been an integral part of our digital campaigns that have delivered unsurpassed success for our clients. Certifications: Keyword Research Exam, Link Building Test.

  • Rajesh Tanwar SEO Manager

    Rajesh is one of our Senior SEO managers, with almost 8 years of industry experience. His ability to combine his technical skills and creative strategies has promoted him multiple times. From campaign organization and planning, negotiating backlinks, website monitoring to content optimization, Rajesh brings his hands-on agency expertise to the table. He has been managing our SEO programs for world-renowned brands with data-driven digital marketing tactics. Certifications: Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research Test, Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals Exam, Link Building Test, Local SEO Exam

  • Manuj Bamrara Link Building and Content Outreach Expert

    Manuj has been a vital member of our link-building & Content Outreach team who has worked with us on a lot of key accounts helping them generate organic backlinks and brand features across various industry verticals. He has consistently delivered high site metrics and SEO scores along with greater revenue opportunities for our clients from the past 2 years. Certifications: Link Building Test

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