Meet the DMA Team

We are passionate and experienced digital marketers influenced by a growing and thriving digital economy. Our team is constantly looking for people who want to help others stay relevant in a constantly changing digital landscape.

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Meet the DMA Team

  • Brand Flynn Chief Executive Officer

    Flynn focuses his expertise and passion in helping businesses invest in long-term digital marketing for financial growth. His education from Northeastern Illinois University and North Park University provides him with the tools needed to live up to DMA’s digital marketing commitments.

  • John Bliss Chief Performance Officer

    John comes to DMA with a 13-year background in search engine marketing and a 25-year background in information technology and IT consulting. His BA from Lehigh University and MBA from Florida Gulf Coast University gives him the depth of knowledge required to improve existing client performance and grow DMA's SEM practice.

  • Joshua Moody Partner - Head of Business Development

    Lead the new business development team who is focused on creating new client relationships with brands who can benefit by working with DMA on digital marketing initiatives.

  • Sam Sanyal Customer Success Manager

    As a Customer Success Manager & avid search enthusiast, Sam brings a wealth of experience with some of the most powerful SEO/Pay Per Click tactics and strategies on the market. Sam had the opportunity to learn his skill set first-hand through exposure to a massive international audience and recognizes the challenges that any company faces when trying to get exposure to an international online community. Sam also has a significant agency background and has a true passion for digital marketing.

  • Sean Clarke VP Of Sales

    Sean works closely with business owners and our internal teams toward establishing actionable online marketing strategies based on immediate needs, shorter-term goals, and long-term growth. Each member of Sean’s team has a minimum of 6 years experience, with a majority having over 10 years in their respective specialties.

  • Shubhankar Mathur Digital Solution Architect

    Shubhankar has spent the last 10+ years working in various marketing fields, from commercial print to digital marketing. At DMA, Shubhankar works with our internal team of analysts to give our clients the best possible results and beat our clients KPI’s for all of their search engine marketing efforts.

  • William Clanton VP Of Client Relationships

    William has over 20 years’ experience in business and digital marketing. He works with passionate and experienced sales professionals who specialize in bridging the divide between growing businesses and their audience through exceptional online marketing campaigns.

  • Manny Velez VP of Marketing

    Manny comes to DMA with a background in finance marketing and sales. His MBA in marketing from Nova Southeastern University gives him the depth of knowledge to build and strengthen brand recognition to maintain a strong presence within the digital marketing industry.

  • Wayne Cowan VP of Paid Marketing

    Flynn focuses his expertise and passion in helping businesses invest in long-term digital marketing for financial growth. His education from Northeastern Illinois University and North Park University provides him with the tools needed to live up to DMA’s digital marketing commitments.

  • Anand Swamy Digital solution Architect

    Having started the pursuit of digital marketing while completing her undergraduate degree, Anand has been able to work in this field in various capacities that have allowed her to test different strategies for client success. Anand places a large emphasis on cultivating relationships to understand the unique needs of each client and ensure the best possible outcome.

  • Ryan Arnfinson VP of Fulfillment

    Flynn focuses his expertise and passion in helping businesses invest in long-term digital marketing for financial growth. His education from Northeastern Illinois University and North Park University provides him with the tools needed to live up to DMA’s digital marketing commitments.

  • Brian King VP of Social media marketing

    As a Customer Success Manager & avid search enthusiast, Sam brings a wealth of experience with some of the most powerful SEO/Pay Per Click tactics and strategies on the market. Sam had the opportunity to learn his skill set first-hand through exposure to a massive international audience and recognizes the challenges that any company faces when trying to get exposure to an international online community. Sam also has a significant agency background and has a true passion for digital marketing.

  • Prateek Singh VP of paid marketing

    Prateek is the VP of Paid Media at DMA where he is responsible for digital advertising management and measurement services. Prateek led its growth to a $4 million+ business unit. At DMA, Eythor oversees a team of 20 professionals and works to maintain a culture of continuous professional improvement and client service innovation.

  • Alicia Zendejas Digital solution Architect

    Alicia is a Digital Solution Architect at DMA, where she creates proposals for new clients. Alicia holds certifications in HubSpot Content Marketing and Google Ads. She brings experience working in UX design and research. Alicia is passionate about creating ROI positive projections for new clients at DMA and is a confessed research nerd.

  • Stephanie Patti Digital solution Architect

    Stephanie is a business sales and marketing extraordinaire. She specializes in helping co-founders, business owners, and entrepreneurs monetize their vision through digital marketing. Led by her passion, Stephanie has successfully created online marketing strategies for 100+ companies, ranging from small start-ups to large international corporations. Her positivity and go-getter attitude has allowed her to establish mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with her clients based on trust, realistic expectations, and pre-established KPIs. Her determination, work ethic, and drive are second to none. She is an invaluable team player, a forever cheerleader, and an inspiring sales leader.

  • Riddhi Bharucha Digital solution Architect

    Riddhi heads up the digital team as Digital Solution Architect at DMA. She comes with over 8 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, and Account Management. Riddhi is extremely passionate about the strategic growth and development of SME businesses online and how to maximize efficiency and return for her clients.

  • Subhashini Verma Digital solution Architect

    Subhashini is a career online marketer who has been in the Digital Marketing industry since 2010 and has scoped out, analyzed, and built custom strategic plans for hundreds of clients. At DMA, She excels at identifying opportunities for new and existing clients in gaining a targeted audience on organic, social, and paid platforms while also attaining their ROI goals.

  • Bryn Dodson Content Strategist

    Bryn created 200+ advanced content articles on the blog, avg. the traffic of 10K+. Bryn is also responsible for 50% user growth from the organic channel. Bryn is responsible for setting the overall editorial or content marketing mission statement and integrating all of your content.

  • Samantha Lambert Content Strategist

    Samantha is obsessed with words and the power of language. Well-strategized and executed content strategy can make a huge impact on a company’s bottom line, and she loves to harness that power to help our clients succeed. She is known for her growth strategy mindset that guides everything she does, and her knack for writing about any topic under the sun in a way that satisfies both experts and newbies alike.

  • TJ Butler VP Of Digital Media

    As a proven strategist and search professional, TJ Buttler establishes standards and processes that enable our departmental teams to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. TJ Buttler’s result-oriented approach is structured around client performance, fostering win-win scenarios that promote client satisfaction.

  • Craig Marsh Digital Solution Architect

    Craig is a Director of Digital Solution Architect at DMA and loves the creativity, strategy, and competition that comes along with being a part of the SEO industry. Since the industry changes on almost a daily basis, she strives to be on top of the latest trends. He is certified in Google Analytics and came to DMA in 2016 with over 8 years of experience in marketing, SEO, and digital communications.

  • Chris Homan Creative Director

    Chris is the Creative Director at DMA. He has over 20 years of marketing experience in B2B and B2C brands, including campaigns. Chris graduated from USC Marshall School of Business and launched a full-service ad agency shortly after graduation, where he worked with brands like Red Bull and Nissan.

  • Matt Copeland Content strategist

    Matt is the Content Strategist at DMA. He coordinates resources and edits content with a passion. Active in the SEO content world for a decade, Matt knows how important quality content is to help clients rank. Matt schedules and reviews content to ensure high quality while keeping humans and bots alike in mind. He has worked at startups and Fortune 500 companies before joining the DMA team. Matt provides accounts of all shapes and sizes with his project management expertise and insightful content strategy.

  • Adi Agarwal VP Of Operations

    Adi has a total experience of over 13 years in the Industry. His expertise lies in Business Management, Operations & Project Management for Digital Media Services. Driven by research, he is passionate about consulting & strategy building for clients across the globe.

  • Abhishek Gupta Digital Solution Architect

    Abhishek Gupta is the Digital Solution Architect at DMA. Having worked in the marketing and advertising world since 2012, Abhishek has partnered closely with clients ranging from emerging startups to enterprise businesses. His wide skill set and deep background aid him in finding the right online marketing solutions for clients. When it comes to business, he believes great partnerships are based on trust, mutual respect, and providing proper expectations from the beginning.

  • Allison Digital Solution Architect

    Allison has 15 years of experience in client service working for large and small advertising agencies. She's an Operations Specialist and loves to help her team be organized, efficient and best positioned to deliver results. Allison earned a BBA in Marketing and BA in Journalism from the University of Iowa.

  • Heather Schallert Digital Solution Architect

    A Colorado Native, lover of the outdoors, dogs, and chasing anything that makes my heart beat faster. I have been working in the digital marketing space for 15+ years and have a unique skill set which is essential for business development and growth hacking companies in both the B2B and B2C space.

  • Ash Winder Digital Solution Architect

    Ash manages the SEO and Paid Media departments within DMA, as a self-confessed numbers geek he is all about data and how this can be used to drive our customers’ businesses forwards. When he’s not indulging in his love of numbers, he’s usually busy walking his three dogs or watching football, Formula 1 or fighting (not usually at the same time, although it has been known to happen).

  • Mike Atherton Digital Solution Architect

    Mike has over 16 years of experience in marketing, working with both small SME businesses and large international brands. As the Content Marketing Manager, Mike leads a team of talented content creators who are responsible for everything content related – from press releases to video content, and everything in-between. Outside of work, Mike enjoys spending time with the family, he’s a keen runner (when his ageing knees allow), and he loves to get out into the wilderness to enjoy spot of landscape photography.

  • Kamal Essa Digital Solution Architect

    As Managing Director of DMA, Kamal oversees all of the companies business operations, from ensuring that DMA achieves its financial vision to making sure the business stays on track with all strategic goals – ensuring that DMA continues to grow and thrive. Outside of the office, Kamal loves nothing more than getting competitive in one of our many DMA sporting challenges, and spending quality time with the family.

  • Kate Martin Digital Solution Architect

    Kate’s role includes driving the strategy of digital marketing campaigns for all our customers, working alongside the other digital marketing leads and account management team. Kate also works closely with the wider marketing team, especially the content and social media team, to ensure all marketing activity is aligned and content is of the highest quality. In her spare time, Kate enjoys reading crime thrillers, drinking endless cups of tea, spending time with her friends and family, and being bossed around by her army of house cats.

  • Tony Bell Digital Solution Architect

    As DMA longest-serving team member, Tony’s role is all about making connections and bringing in business. Tony loves getting to know our clients, understanding their individual needs – Tony says, “nothing beats that personal touch”. When he isn’t entertaining the team with his dad-jokes, Tony can often be spotted pounding the Morecambe seafront on one of his daily 5K runs or clambering up the side of a mountain in the stunning English Lake District.

  • Rachel Newton Digital Solution Architect

    Rachel, as a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at DMA, works to bring brand awareness and results to our clients through integrated marketing campaigns, with a focus on social media and content marketing. When she joined the Volume Nine team she became an integral part of creating social media strategies that give our clients an edge in a competitive landscape. Her favorite part about working at Volume Nine is the people, and she says she’s truly happy to come to the office (no, we didn’t pay her to say that).

  • Evan Kiesow Digital Solution Architect

    As a Digital Marketing Specialist, Evan helps create exceptional strategies and results for our clients. He’s been in the industry since 2016 and has been a great asset to DMA, sharing his expertise in data, trends, and how to share brand stories with creative campaigns. On the client-side of things, Evan connects daily with brands and works to connect them to their intended audiences. He carefully analyses what businesses want to achieve based on their business and caters their online presence and strategy to reach these goals. Evan specializes in creating full-funnel content — from building brand awareness to turning that awareness into buying customers and loyal advocates of the brand.

  • Xavier Davis Digital Solution Architect

    As a Digital Marketing Strategist at Volume Nine, Xavier is responsible for communicating with clients, creating personalized strategies, and planning campaigns that support their brand goals. Xavier loves working with clients to help them better understand digital marketing as a whole and the power of the inbound marketing methodology. Prior to joining DMA, Xavier ran his own marketing services business — from Hawaii of all places. In that role, he got to support clients with his marketing expertise in search engine and conversion rate optimization, website design and adopting the inbound marketing methodology, as well as pass on strategies and tactics to those who wanted to build and expand their brands. Since 2014, he’s been creating and implementing digital marketing strategies that help companies get the results they want.

  • Danny Tawil Digital Solution Architect

    Danny Tawil DMA longest tenured team member comes from an illustrious background in digital advertising and business consulting. His creative energy and hardcore passion for business efficiency helps our clients explore new opportunities and advertising channels.

  • Saunder Schroeder Digital Solution Architect

    Saunder is passionate about growing brands through digital marketing, and has done so for Fortune 500 to startup companies. He’s a legend in his own mind, and is obsessed with his family, football and sweet potato fries.

  • Dawson Haycock Digital Solution Architect

    Dawson brings a depth of experience to the team in addition to a great attitude and fun personality. His focus is developing meaningful relationships based on growth and results. Dawson owns more horses than anyone else at DMA and has broken multiple wild mustangs. Yes, he's a digital space cowboy.

  • Chad de Lisle Digital Solution Architect

    Chad is a Small Business Guru 8 years in the making. When he isn't checking his coworker's email threads for grammar, he's planning his weekly Dungeons & Dragons game or shredding on guitar.

  • David Bershad Digital Solution Architect

    Dave holds responsibility for coaching and training DMA sales team. He oversees objectives that continuously grow the new customer base. Dave and his team uncover opportunities for advertisers to improve upon their existing digital advertising efforts. By taking a thorough audit approach, Dave is able to offer customized solutions and develops strategies that drive growth in both front-end SEM metrics, as well as profit, revenue, and lead quality for DMA’s clients.

  • Mark Thrasher Digital Solution Architect

    As a Digital Architecture, Mark focuses on aligning marketing strategies with our clients’ business goals, searching for the perfect combination of tactics across varying media platforms to craft a strategy to fit any need. With a background managing Multi-Channel Marketing efforts & creating new advertising services at DMA, he brings extensive knowledge of SEM & Social Advertising, Amazon, Programmatic Advertising, Merchant Feed Management, Remarketing Platforms, Language Translations, and countless Marketing Technologies. His goal is to ensure that DMA has the strategies, services & partnerships required to serve our clients’ needs today and in the future. A University of Colorado graduate with a degree in Mathematics and Psychology, Mark spends his time away from work looking for mountains to ski down and water to play in around the world.

  • Chantelle Johnson Digital Solution Architect

    As a senior member of the DMA team, Chantelle leads multi-million dollar, full-funnel B2C accounts. With extensive agency experience ranging from experiential, to traditional and digital marketing she’s a wiz at cross channel strategy and planning as well as the nuances of the agency to client dynamic. Chantelle specializes in accounts that have a complex consideration-to-decision conversion cycle and takes pride in aligning digital touchpoints with the customer journey. When she’s not laser-focused on account-specific work she’s spending time furthering her Google Data Studio arsenal and vetting new partners.

  • Kendall Todd Digital Solution Architect

    Kendall manages multiple lead generation and eCommerce clients, including DMA itself! In addition to great client work, Kendall also executes marketing initiatives for the DMA brand and serves as the agency’s Google Ads & Microsoft Ads specialist. Kendall graduated from Northwestern University and does not miss the Chicago winters. Outside of the office, Kendall enjoys skiing and traveling.

  • Alex Oman Digital Solution Architect

    Lead the new business development team who is focused on creating new client relationships with brands who can benefit by working with DMA on digital marketing initiatives.

  • Beth Harless Digital Solution Architect

    Responsible for building DMA visibility and thought leadership within the digital marketing industry. Focused on driving demand generation across client verticals, managing partner co-op marketing, event participation, speaking engagements, sponsorship and promotions, manage PR; oversee search, social and integrated marketing campaigns.

  • Zach Labenberg Digital Solution Architect

    Help advise clients on the best DMA services based on their needs. Email is a still great way for brands to be able to broadcast their brand message. Your phone's home screen is the new front porch, being able to be click away every time your consumer opens their phone after you've sent a new message is like being featured on the front page of the newspaper.

  • Amanda Christensen Digital Solution Architect

    She comes to DMA from an agency background, specializing in demand gen programs for a variety of clients, ranging from real estate to healthcare. At DMA, she heads a range of B2B clients, helping to create lasting partnerships starting with understanding the business, to executing on goals.

  • Cameron Dunn Digital Solution Architect

    Cameron is a Senior Manager at DMA currently specializing in B2B & Lead Gen accounts with experience in eCommerce as well. He is a graduate from Columbia University in the City of New York where he majored in Political Science and was a starting wide receiver on the Columbia football team. When he’s not working on SEM optimizations, the native Ohioan enjoys playing sports, going to the beach, and exploring the concrete jungle that is New York City.

  • Valerie Sergienko Digital Solution Architect

    Valerie’s unbeatable combo of digital marketing strategy, limitless energy, and unwavering optimism means that she knows how to get things done, and won’t let anything stand in the way of her creating value for her clients.

  • Mary-Catherine Digital Solution Architect

    Mary-Catherine began her career in investment consulting at Mercer, focusing on asset manager research within fixed income strategies for institutional investors. Shifting into Digital Marketing, she joined the Paid Search team at Rise Interactive, where she managed Google and Bing ads for clients across multiple industries— working heavily within Shopping campaign strategy and product feed management for a large US retail eCommerce client.

  • Jordan Paris Digital Solution Architect

    Jordan began his digital marketing career working with small business healthcare centers focusing primarily on Optometry and Ophthalmology. Over the last 8 years, Jordan has since broadened his expertise to include Automotive, eCommerce, Non-Profit, and other major marketing verticals with a focus on both performance-based Paid Search and Display advertising.

  • Stacy Sumoge Digital Solution Architect

    Stacy has 8 years of digital marketing experience. She started her career in Portland, OR, working in digital consulting, account management and ad operations for SMBs in the Pacific Northwest. In 2016, she moved to Chicago and shifted her media focus to paid social strategy for Fortune 500 companies in retail, CPG and real estate verticals.

  • Bill Mason Digital Solution Architect

    Our newest business development manager comes to us from Boston Mass. Bill is a former collegiate head men’s lacrosse coach and holds a master’s degree in business administration. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the sales side of DMA.

  • Luke Gracie Digital Solution Architect

    Luke manages a talented team of digital marketers laser-focused on posting tangible business results. Luke is usually on the phone or in his inbox talking to and searching for new clients. Between calls, he's usually seeking the attention of the office dogs. (without luck).

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