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Leverage Facebook for Growth

Comprehensive Facebook Management Service

Dominate the largest social media platform in the world. Facebook stands alone as the leader in connecting with real people. Millions of web users around the world are all connected on the social platform, giving your business a unique opportunity to connect with the audiences either online or locally around you. We create powerful advertising and marketing campaigns which take advantage of the information Facebook gathers about their audiences, letting you create a custom message based on how your audience interacts with the social network.

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Organic Growth

While it is easy to grow a following in social media, it is hard to grow a real following. We create connections with real people that hold an active interest in your brand. Through organic growth, we ensure your brand is in the fore front of real accounts and not accounts that were bought and paid for to exist.

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Our Approach to Facebook Marketing and Growth

Turn your Facebook page into a marketing channel for long-term growth.
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    Organic Growth

    We build your network with real people while providing them with the right message.

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    User Engagement

    Create a relationship between you and your audience, leading to increased lead generation and conversion.

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    Paid Growth

    Use Facebook's powerful advertising network to target the right audience and cater your message to them.

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    Curated Content

    Customize the messages you post based on the audiences you are targeting, leading to a better public image.

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    Influencer Outreach

    Connect with influencers on the platform to speak volumes about the positives of your brand and your products or services.

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    Custom Reports

    We help you identify where you need to be on Facebook and showcase the efforts we employ to get you there.

Influencer Outreach

Your Organic Spokesperson

Online influencers are one of the most outspoken and integral part of social media. With the rise of popular channels and independent entertainment brands, there is a large opportunity for having influencers speak highly about your brand. We focus on identifying the different pages and users that have a large influencer over your target audience. We create a channel of communication between us and these key influencers to facilitate the creation of positive coverage and content which positively enforces brand recognition, leading to increased leads and conversions.

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Paid Growth

Paid Growth Quick Following

For businesses, social is all about growth. Facebook's advertising platform offers a unique way to target and convert social media users into paying customers. We leverage their knowledge about the users on their platform to create powerful targeted ads focusing on spreading the right message at the right time.

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Increase Traffic

Your Traffic Generation Source

Since Facebook is practically its own nation, we use their platform to generate traffic to your website. This is done through growing a following on your Facebook pages, creating powerful content which drives traffic directly, and increasing the level of engagement your brand has on the platform. Many search engines implement social statistics and metrics to influence which companies appear in the search results. We utilizes the opportunities Facebook has for online interaction to improve your visibility in search results and improve your lead generation opportunities.

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Helped our practice flourish.

“DMA not only helped us build a brand online, but helped us establish ourselves into quite the competitive industry. We built a name for ourselves on our excellent outpatient care in the community, but DMA really helped us expand that image online. Thanks to the success of our marketing and outreach campaigns, we can continue to help make a positive impact on the daily lives of the people that depend on us for their care.”

Vana Samara, Family Medicine
79% of the Facebook management campaigns fail. You deserve the best.

79% of the Facebook management campaigns fail. You deserve the best.

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