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Digital Marketing News 06/14/2022 – 06/20/2022

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This week on the latest digital marketing updates: LinkedIn improves their Creator Mode and Event Ads, TikTok releases new digital avatars, LinkedIn announces the upcoming launch of Business Manager, and Google publishes updates for the Ad Manager.

Here are the latest news, trends, and updates in detail:


LinkedIn Adds New Tools for Creators

LinkedIn recently announced new elements that they’re adding to their Creator Mode with the aim of providing more ways for users to build their presence on the platform.

LinkedIn just celebrated the first anniversary of Creator Mode and now they’re launching more tools and features to “help creators build an engaged audience and foster meaningful relationships with their followers.” Here’s what’s new on the LinkedIn Creator Mode:

Expanded Audio Event access

Earlier this year, LinkedIn began beta testing a new event experience that gave creators the ability to host an interactive audio discussion with their audiences. Now, they’re expanding the Audio Event hosting access to anyone who has Creator Mode turned on and meets LinkedIn’s content community policies.

Even if you don’t have hosting access, you can still join an Audio Event and raise your hand to join the conversation.

LinkedIn Creator Mode - Audio Event

Highlighting a URL in the profile header

With Creator Mode, you can now add a link to the top of your profile so that audiences can learn more about you and your brand.

Improved way of discovering and following creators

Soon, Creator Mode will provide a link/button that you can share or embed on other websites, emails, and blogs. With just one click, people on other platforms can follow you on LinkedIn.

The professional social network recommends users to continue developing high-quality content to keep showing up in feeds. They added a + Follow button on posts to make it easier for users to follow a creator right from their feed, without having to visit the creator’s profile.

LinkedIn Creator Mode - Follow button

According to LinkedIn, 18% of all follows come from LinkedIn search. In the new Creator Mode update, LinkedIn has added a Follow button in the search experience to make it easier for creators to grow their following.

Lastly, ​​if you have Creator Mode turned on and your profile's public visibility is on/enabled, when a LinkedIn member invites you to connect, they’ll be able to automatically follow you, regardless of whether or not you accept their connection request.

Learn more about Creator Mode and how to switch it on for your profile here.


TikTok Rolls Out New Digital Avatars

TikTok introduces TikTok Avatars to empower the continued creative expression of creators.

TikTok Avatars enable users to create their own custom character depictions which they can use across the app.

To get started, open the Effects section in the TikTok app and search for the Avatar effect. From there, you'll be able to customize your Avatar to fit your preferences. After your Avatar is ready, you can start recording videos. As you gesture and move, your Avatar will mimic your motion. To watch the complete step-by-step process of creating your own TikTok Avatar, visit this link.

You can choose from an array of hairstyles, accessories, piercings, and makeup to create a TikTok Avatar that reflects your personal look and style. You can also try out the Avatar Voice effect to give a new voice to your avatar.

There’s even a Miniature Avatar functionality. In Miniature mode, you’ll be able to place your custom avatar as an overlay on your video. This means you can use your digital character to engage with TikTok clips and remixes or to provide a talking head for your voice overs.

TikTok Avatars - Miniature avatar 1TikTok Avatars - Miniature avatar 2

When it comes to their avatars, building inclusive features and experiences remains TikTok’s priority.


Launching Soon: The LinkedIn Business Manager

LinkedIn’s new Business Manager is a centralized platform designed to make it easier to manage accounts, pages, and people.

Launching in the coming weeks, LinkedIn Business Manager is a tool that makes managing people, ad accounts, and business pages more convenient for large enterprises and agencies.

LinkedIn created the Business Manager to simplify how people keep track of their marketing work across the platform. According to them, “Business Manager will enhance the Campaign Manager and Pages experience by offering increased control and visibility across LinkedIn marketing from a central location.”

Here’s how LinkedIn Business Manager can simplify the way you market on LinkedIn and across their network of publishers:

  • View and manage your team, ad accounts, Pages, and business partners from a centralized dashboard.

  • Free up time spent on administrative tasks  so you can focus on campaign performance.

  • Quickly reach your buyers by sharing Matched Audiences across ad accounts.

LinkedIn Business Manager - Ad accounts

LinkedIn built Business Manager with their B2B customers in mind, to help organizations maximize efficiencies so they can create and execute engaging campaigns that cut through a crowded market with no added cost.


Google Ad Manager Releases New Updates

Google rolls out the Ad Manager updates and announces several upcoming features.

Here are the details of the Google Ad Manager updates released recently, and an overview of what’s coming up in the near future.

What’s new in Google Ad Manager:

  • PPID Time-to-Live (TTL) extension - Publisher provided identifier (PPID) time-to-live (TTL) is extended from 90 days to 180 days.

  • Optimize pricing to reflect inventory’s value - The optimized pricing setting increases auction floor prices to more accurately reflect and protect your inventory’s value. It is enabled by default.

  • Facebook rebranded as Meta - Publishers will now see “Meta” in all references to the ad network in Google Ad Manager. This does not affect publishers that have Facebook within already existing bidders or yield groups.

  • Updated ad experiences video protections - The “Allow video ads” control is now a block called “Block non-instream video ads.” 

  • Troubleshoot transparency files for MCM publishers - Google is working on marking the SupplyChain Object complete for MCM Manage Inventory publishers. This update is planned for the end of June 2022. 

  • Google Analytics 4 integration for web data - The GA4 integration with Google Ad Manager for web data is now in open beta.

  • Updates to the "Bid rejection reason" - More granularity is being added to the "Bid rejection reason" in both reporting and data transfer.

  • WebView API for Ads - The WebView API for Ads is now available to help app developers unlock the monetization opportunity in WebView content.

Coming soon to Google Ad Manager:

  • Update to Active View measurement - Active View is switching from a proprietary viewability measurement technique to using the Open Measurement (OM) SDK for mobile app display inventory in Ad Manager.

  • Upcoming enforcement of app-ads.txt for CTV inventory - In the coming months, buyers will begin to enforce the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standard for inventory transparency, app-ads.txt for Connected TV (CTV) inventory.

  • Query migration for Ad Exchange Historical - Google is migrating queries from the deprecated “Ad Exchange Historical” report type to the “Historical” report type.

  • Header bidding in yield groups (Beta) - In the coming weeks, Google will launch the header bidding in yield groups. This Beta release enables Ad Manager 360 publishers to set up their client-side header bidding demand directly into yield groups.


LinkedIn Event Gets The ‘Boost’ Ad Option

LinkedIn is expanding its ‘Boost’ ad option by enabling users to amplify their LinkedIn Event through a paid ad campaign.

By boosting posts on LinkedIn, users can increase the reach and engagement of their organic posts. This helped Pages reach professionals beyond their followers. Now, LinkedIn is bringing the Boost button to the LinkedIn Events page, which will enable users to quickly and easily promote their event and drive registrations. 

To get started, click on the “Boost” button on the Events page, select your target audience, set the campaign schedule and budget, and enter your payment information. This will create an event ad that appears in the LinkedIn feed of professionals that you have selected as your target audience. The ad will feature key dates, location, and information on how to join the event.

LinkedIn Event

Through Event Ads, marketers and event organizers can promote their event by highlighting important details to an entirely new audience, while also allowing members to learn if a mutual connection has expressed interest in attending.

Once you boost an event, you will have clear visibility into how many LinkedIn members clicked on or saw an ad and registered for your event, giving you full visibility into the effectiveness of your campaign.

What you can do next

  • Activate the Creator Mode and utilize its tools to build your presence on LinkedIn.

  • Create your own TikTok Avatar and start publishing engaging TikTok videos with a personal touch.

  • Watch out for the launch of the LinkedIn Business Manager. Use it for your organization’s page to make account management easier and more convenient.

  • Consider boosting your LinkedIn Event listings to reach more professionals and drive registrations.

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