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Digital Marketing News 06/21/2022 – 06/27/2022

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This week on the latest digital marketing updates: YouTube now allows video corrections post-publishing, TikTok reveals how to leverage their platform for marketing, Pinterest launches new ad formats, Meta opens a new digital store for Avatars, and LinkedIn creates a new Reaction by popular demand.

Here are the latest news, trends, and updates in detail:


YouTube Allows Video Corrections After Publishing

YouTube is introducing a new feature that allows creators to add corrections to a video even after it’s published.

Creator Insider reported the launch of the Corrections feature, which will make it possible to add corrections to videos after they go live. This new feature will be available to eligible creators by the end of June.

Previously, the only way to correct an error in a published video was to remove it, edit the video itself, and then re-upload it. Unfortunately, doing so meant losing watch time, engagement metrics, and comments. As a workaround, creators addressed errors by adding a note in the description or the comment section.

With the launch of the Corrections feature, creators will be able to call attention to corrections and clarifications in the descriptions of their already-published videos. When a creator adds a correction to a video, viewers will see a card appear at the time of the error. 

The info card teaser, signaling the presence of a correction, will show up only once at the first correction timestamp. Clicking on that card will expand the video description where the creator has provided a written correction or clarification. 

YouTube Corrections

In the same video, Creator Insider also announced that all users can now mention channels in videos, streams, shorts, and posts.


TikTok Shares Insights On The Role They Play in Word-of-Mouth Marketing

A new TikTok study takes a deeper dive into how the platform drives consumer action, and the key elements that improve marketing performance in the app.

TikTok has shared the second installment of its Retail Path to Purchase report where they examined how the platform has become a new word-of-mouth marketplace, driving action and satisfaction throughout the purchase journey.

In the first part of the report that was published back in February, TikTok revealed that their Retail Path to Purchase is not linear, but rather an infinite loop. As TikTok claims, this purchase journey is unique to their platform.

For the second part of the report, they worked with market research provider Material to understand TikTok's role in the consumer purchase journey. Here’s what the study discovered:

The TikTok community are vocal, decisive, and influential consumers

  • TikTok users are twice as likely to recommend a product or service they’ve discovered on TikTok.

  • 37% of TikTok users are in the top third of spenders.

  • 50% of TikTok users report feeling joyful, excited, or happy about the products they purchase.

TikTok Marketing Insights - TikTok community data

Celebrities, creators, and trending topics play a vital role in discovery

The TikTok audience are more likely to discover new brands or products through the following:

  • 48% from celebrities or public figures

  • 25% through creators

  • 23% through trending topics or hashtags (compared to other platforms)

Users are also 15% more likely to use TikTok to research new brands or products — and a full 55% of TikTok users do so.

Relationships don't end at the point of sale

According to TikTok, their users continue to engage with brands post-purchase. In fact, only 14% of them don't take a post-purchase action. Ultimately, 58% of the TikTok audience convinces someone else to use a product.

For brands and businesses to leverage TikTok’s highly engaged audience, they recommend the following:

  • Use an always-engaged strategy to continuously power the infinite loop. Experiment with the test-and-learn tools available in the Ads Manager.

  • Partner with creators—lean on their expertise and the trust they’ve built with their community.

  • Complement the reach of in-feed video and TikTok's shopping tools with interactive experiences such as LIVE shopping.

Try new things to stand out on the platform. Give the TikTok audience something worthy of their attention.


Pinterest Introduces New Ad Formats: Idea Ads and Paid Partnership Tool

Pinterest debuts the newest features that will give advertisers and creators fresh ways to connect with consumers.

Visual social network Pinterest has recently launchedIdea ads and Idea ads with paid partnership for advertisers, and the paid partnership tool for creators. These new ad formats and tools are now available in over 30 countries around the world.

Idea ads follow a similar format to Idea pins, which were launched in 2021. They are an immersive, multi-page format where advertisers can publish video and image content. According to Pinterest, people who saw Idea ads were 59% more likely to recall that brand.

Pinterest Idea ads

Another ad format introduced by Pinterest is Idea ads with paid partnership, where brands can partner with Pinterest Creators to tell their story authentically and creatively. Businesses can collaborate with creators and produce immersive, interactive branded content that can be promoted to a wider audience.

Finally, Pinterest has opened the new paid partnership tool, which allows creators to tag brand partners directly in their content to showcase their sponsored relationship. The Pinterest brand lift study has found that brands that worked with creators saw 38% higher brand awareness and 37% higher Pin awareness.


Meta Opens New Avatars Store With Designer Collections

Meta introduces a new way for users to express themselves through fashion with the new Avatars Store.

In a Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of the Avatars Store on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Now users can buy digital clothes to style their avatar. 

Meta Avatars Store 1

According to Zuckerberg, “Digital goods will be an important way to express yourself in the metaverse and a big driver of the creative economy.”

Some of the luxury brands you will find in the Avatars Store are Balenciaga, Prada, and Thom Browne. Zuckerberg is looking to add more brands in the digital store and to also bring the feature to virtual reality (VR) in the near future.

Meta Avatars Store 2

Meta’s Avatars Store is initially rolling out in the United States, Canada, Thailand, and Mexico.


LinkedIn Launches The New ‘Funny’ Reaction

A new Reaction is added to the six other emoji response options on LinkedIn posts.

LinkedIn is gradually rolling out the new ‘Funny’ Reaction, an addition to their six other emoji response options. Some users have already been notified about it:

LinkedIn Funny Reaction

This has been a highly requested feature, as mentioned by LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer Tomer Cohen in a post last February:

“One of the top requests we got was a laughing emoji reaction. We hear you loud & clear and we agree. Humor is indeed a serious business.”

LinkedIn Reactions are a set of expressions that offer members a way to more easily participate in conversations and communicate with their network. To react to a post or a comment from a mobile device, tap and hold the Like icon. If you're using a computer, move your cursor over the Like icon to select your Reaction to a post or a comment.

LinkedIn Reactions

To learn more about the different LinkedIn Reactions and their objectives, read this.

What you can do next

  • Exercise accountability when publishing online. If an error was committed, seek to correct it immediately to avoid misleading your audience.

  • Consider building your business or brand’s presence in social media platforms that offer opportunities for growth.

  • Follow a social media platform’s culture codes or use them as guides to succeed in your marketing efforts.

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