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Digital Marketing News 12/06/2022 – 12/12/2022

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This week’s latest on digital marketing: New updates on LinkedIn Pages and Google’s Disapprovals and Suspensions Policy, the newest metrics available on Google Analytics 4, health and wellness marketing tips from Microsoft Advertising, and updates on YouTube’s Advertiser Friendly Guidelines and Studio mobile app. 

Here are the latest news, trends, and updates in detail:


LinkedIn Pages Gets Upgraded Features

Generate more Newsletter subscribers, showcase your offerings in product pages, and stay updated on what your competitors are doing with the newest features from LinkedIn.

Organizations on LinkedIn have something new to look forward to as the professional networking platform announced the newest features that are rolling out on LinkedIn Pages. These include updates on LinkedIn Newsletters and upgrades to the Product Pages and the Competitor Analytics dashboard.

Grow your LinkedIn Newsletter community

Using LinkedIn Newsletters, you can publish recurring Articles and build a subscriber community via a one-time notification to your Page followers and ongoing notifications to your Newsletter subscribers.

When members search for your Page on LinkedIn, they’ll be able to easily find and subscribe to your Newsletter directly from the search results. To gain visibility and traffic when your audience is searching off LinkedIn, you can intentionally incorporate SEO best practices by setting your Article’s SEO titles, descriptions, and tags. And as your Page continues to grow, LinkedIn will automatically send your new followers a notification to subscribe to your Newsletter.

Highlight your offers on LinkedIn Product Pages

LinkedIn Product Pages has two new features designed to make your offerings more discoverable and compelling. First, your products can now be discovered via in-platform search on LinkedIn, helping you bring in more qualified solution-seeking audiences. Buyers can search by product, company, or category to discover solutions.

Second, you can use product highlights to showcase specific product content on your Page and point interested members to key details and conversations. You can also re-share content from your product community to your Page and add those posts to your product highlights as well.

Stay in the know with the upgraded Competitor Analytics dashboard

There’s a new upgrade to the LinkedIn Pages Competitor Analytics dashboard that’s now available on desktop and mobile. It aims to help you understand what your competitors are doing so you can set your brand apart. With this upgrade you can now achieve the following:

  • Track follower growth, recent posts, and engagement rates to see what your competitors are talking about and how members are responding, while also benchmarking your own content creation efforts.

  • Quickly surface trending content from competitors to stay on top of what’s happening in your industry and inspire your own content strategy.

Get updates on each new feature and functionality as it rolls out by bookmarking the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions product update page.


Google Updates Their Disapprovals and Suspensions Policy Page

A policy article will be dedicated to Display & Video 360 Account Level Suspensions.

This month, Google is set to update the Disapprovals and Suspensions page to have a dedicated policy article for Display & Video 360. In their announcement, Google revealed what advertisers can expect.

According to the new Display & Video 360 policy, violation of the following policies will lead to an advertiser’s account suspension:

  • Circumventing systems

  • Coordinated deceptive practices

  • Counterfeit

  • Promotion of unauthorized pharmacies

  • Unacceptable business practices

  • Trade Sanctions violation

  • Sexually explicit content

Google will also suspend a partner account if advertisers within the partner have repeatedly or predominantly engaged in egregious policy violations. However, both partners and advertisers will be entitled to appeal account suspensions, and a link to the appeals form will be included in the new policy article.


Google Analytics 4 Gets Two New Metrics

GA4 users can now access the Views per Session and Average Session Duration metrics to build custom reports.

Google Analytics Product Manager Carly Boddy introduced two new metrics in Google Analytics 4 (GA4): Views per Session and Average Session Duration. These are available in Explorations and Reporting Customization in GA4.

“Views per Session” tracks the number of app screens or web pages that users go through in one visit. Repeated views of a single page or screen are counted. Meanwhile, “Average Session Duration” measures the number of seconds users spend on a website.

If you’re migrating from Universal Analytics (UA) to GA4, keep in mind that there’s a difference in session count between the two, and it can vary from business to business depending on the following factors:

  • Geography - UA restarts the session count at midnight even if the user doesn’t leave. This can yield a higher session count compared to GA4. Consider the timezones of your users and how likely they are to cross the midnight threshold to restart a session. This is especially relevant if you have a global customer base.

  • UTM Tagging on Owned Websites or Apps - Google doesn’t recommend using UTM tagging on your own website since it will reset the session in UA. But if you’re already using UTMs on your own website, you may see a much higher count of sessions in UA than in GA4.

  • Filters - The data in UA reporting may be subject to view filters that exclude data, while the data in GA4 reporting for Google Analytics 360 customers may be subject to filters that define which data from a source property appears in a subproperty.

Estimation - GA4 properties use a statistical estimate of the number of sessions that occurred on your website or app by estimating the number of unique session IDs, while UA properties don't estimate the number of sessions. The estimates used by GA4 properties more efficiently count sessions with high accuracy and low error rate.


Microsoft Advertising Shares Three Health & Wellness Marketing Tips for 2023

Discover how you can set up your December campaigns for success and leverage New Year online activity with Microsoft Advertising Insights.

A global study done by Opeepl found that the most popular New Year’s resolution for people is to get healthier, which is often done through either diet or exercise (or both). So to help you prepare for upcoming Health trends, Microsoft Advertising Insights revealed their top three Health & Wellness marketing tips for 2023.

  1. Target users searching for healthy, nutritious food options in January with In-market Audiences Consumers will shop for healthier food options in January. Microsoft’s internal forecasting data suggests that Organic Food clicks will peak during the week of January 14, so although you should ramp up your budget after the holidays end, make sure you don’t run out midway through the month.

    Microsoft Advertising trends 1

  2. Use Shopping Campaigns to showcase your Sports and Fitness Apparel products Microsoft recommends doing this in late November and early December during holiday shopping sales. Their internal data estimates that consumers will be most heavily searching for gear between the weeks of November 26 and December 3, but activity will remain high until January.

    Microsoft Advertising trends 2

  3. Complement your search strategy by activating Audience Ads on the Microsoft Audience Network Using Microsoft’s 2021 data as a comparison for what to expect activity-wise over the next year, we can assume clicks for Fitness & Nutrition will peak in January, May, July, and October. It’s recommended to have an always-on approach, since Audience Ads are shown to drive users down the funnel to search tactics.

    Microsoft Advertising trends 3


YouTube Updates The Advertiser Friendly Guidelines and Studio Mobile App Capabilities

Gain clarity around what content is eligible for monetization on YouTube and access a mobile version of Research in Analytics on the Studio mobile app.

In response to creator feedback, YouTube announced updates to the Advertiser Friendly Guidelines (AFGs) to provide clarity and transparency around it. They also revealed that they’re testing Research in Analytics on the Studio mobile app.

YouTube shared the latest changes to AFGs and some updated guidelines, which they say “adds some clarity around what content is eligible for monetization on YouTube.” Here are the updates in detail:

Adult Content

  • Thumbnails, titles, and videos containing adult links, obscene language, adult material, and sexually gratifying acts may not receive ad revenue.

  • Policy enforcement around classical arts depicting sexual activities, sensual dancing, and sexual education will remain unchanged and may receive ad revenue.


  • Content showing dead bodies (without context), game violence directed at a real, named person or acts created to intentionally shock and disgust, and videos showing an implied moment of death, will not receive ad revenue.

  • Standard game play where gory injuries are present after the first 8 seconds, non-graphic tragedies and their aftermath, or police seizures as a part of law enforcement can receive ad revenue.

Harmful or Dangerous Acts

  • Dangerous acts or stunts where minors are participants or victims may not receive ad revenue.

Inappropriate Language

  • All varieties of profanity are now treated equally meaning they are not differentiated based on levels of severity. Also, YouTube is not treating words such as “hell,” and “damn,” as profanity anymore. 

  • Content where profanity is used after the first 8 seconds may receive ad revenue. However, if profanity is used in the first 8 seconds of the video, then it will not monetize.

Recreational Drugs and Drug-Related Content

  • Drug use and consumption in gaming content may not receive ad revenue.

  • Drug dealings or mentions of drugs in gaming content may receive ad revenue.

YouTube is also introducing new guidelines for “Enabling dishonest behavior.” The following content will now be in scope of “This content will earn no ad revenue”:

  • Pretending to be a retail store employee without the property owner’s permission or violating their code of conduct.

  • Using or encouraging the usage of hacking software in competitive e-sports

The “Gaming and monetization” article was updated as well to reflect these policy updates.

At the beginning of December, YouTube announced the testing phase of Research in Analytics on the Studio mobile app. This will be rolling out over the coming months, and it will include some additional features not available on desktop.

Creators with early access to the mobile version will see insights like top searches on YouTube, content gaps, and watch activity for topics based on their audience’s interests. To start, the insights will be limited to activity from US-based viewers.

What you can do next:

  • Test the new features from LinkedIn Pages to optimize your following and engagement. With these new offers you can gain first-party data from newsletter subscriptions, explore more eCommerce options, and leverage competitor information to improve your content.

  • Review your ads thoroughly prior to publishing to avoid violating a Google ads policy and having your account suspended.

  • If you’re transitioning to Google Analytics 4, keep in mind that the session count data you yield may be different from Universal Analytics’ data. Make use of the new GA4 metrics to generate a more accurate report. 

  • Health & Wellness advertisers should take advantage of the insights and marketing tips shared by Microsoft Advertising. This way, you can capitalize on consumer behavior and reach people with the right offer at the time that they need it.

  • Always stay on top of advertising guidelines and policies to ensure that your content is aligned with them. Start by saving web pages that are continuously updated by your advertising platforms, then check them regularly for any changes.

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