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Google Page Experience Update: As you know, Google periodically updates the search algorithm and parameters it uses to evaluate websites to rank on their Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). This post details some current updates.

These updates vary in impact and the ones we pay special attention to are the Core Algorithm updates, like the one launched in December 2020. Back then, we saw some major fluctuations across all websites on Google with special emphasis on Government, Medical, Legal, and Educational websites.

While Google is seldom 100% clear about what exactly has changed or what they are focused on, each time an update is rolled out the DMA team performs an industry wide deep dive to understand patterns and signals that have changed. Based on these insights, we review, prepare, and edit our campaign strategies to minimize adverse effects for clients.

The May update that Google has started releasing “slowly” appears to focus on:

  • Individual Page Performance and Optimizations
  • Speed and Load Time
  • Contextual Interlinking and Content Information in general
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Call to Actions
  • Alt Tags

DMA’s SEO onpage and technical audits and monitoring always incorporate these elements but we still expect some movement in rankings as with all major Google updates.

For more information on the updates and the ongoing speculations about them:

“History of Google Algorithm Updates”

“Google Page Experience update is all set to launch in May 2021 – Webmasters, hang in there!”

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