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How To Calculate Your SEO Budget To Experience Real Organic Growth In 2023

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Executive Summary

  • For an online website, there are multiple ways through which it can maximize its user experience. SEO is one of them.
  • Websites that rank in the top Google organic search results list have a 33% higher traffic flow.
  • Every dollar you spend on optimizing your website with the latest SEO trends, you fetch a higher amount of traffic on your website.

SEO is a must-have service for all kinds of businesses.  So, if you're still not utilizing SEO for your business, it's time to do so now. This article will show you how you can allot an SEO budget for your business. 

Importance Of Integrating The Right SEO Elements On Your Website.

In the age of the internet, search engines have become the most critical tools! Search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc., help marketers to use their online content to attract relevant audiences, which can boost their business.

Today, almost 30% of the global internet traffic comes from online search engines. In the global search market of 2019, Google captured a market size of 87.76%, while Yahoo captured 2.71% of the market share.

According to the recent statistics, in June 2021, Google dominated the search engine market by capturing 92.47% market share. These figures clearly define how crucial search engines are! A single Google algorithm update can lead to turbulence in website rankings.

Hence, marketers over the internet ensure that their websites comply with the latest SEO algorithm trends. In a survey conducted in 2017, 32% of the marketers said that social media engagement was one of their most rewarding SEO tactics.


So what does this tell us about SEO? We can say that the quality of SEO influences tons of elements that are directly affecting your business' online presence. It wouldn't be wrong to say that numerous components also affect the level of SEO!

Today, it is hard to imagine a company that doesn't invest its time, money, or effort in Search Engine Optimization. The benefits of SEO for an online business are diverse! Let's look at some of the key benefits.

1. SEO Can Enhance User Experience For an online website, there are multiple ways through which it can maximize its user experience. SEO is one of them.

Having relevant blogs, articles, and case studies for audiences with engaging photos and videos can enhance the website's user experience. Also, ease of navigation and mobile-friendly web pages can help the website gain more clicks, leads, and higher conversion rates.

2. Better SEO Means Better Flow Of Leads You might know that inbound tactics are great for driving more leads. According to Hubspot, inbound lead generation costs 61% less than outbound lead generation.

When it comes to B2B businesses or B2C businesses, inbound tactics include better search engine optimization, content marketing, referrals building, etc. All these SEO tactics shall help your business target its content or ads to the right set of audiences.


3. Effective SEO Reduces Advertising Costs When your website can garner the top positions in the SERPs, your brand visibility increases, increasing your website's CTR; since you stay above the rest of your competitors, more users click on your website.

In this way, you don't need to run multiple PPC ads or advertise much because your website will fetch loads of organic traffic.

4. SEO Builds Brand Reputation When your online website has first-page exposure and ranks in the first four to five positions, a potential customer assumes that your business is an industry leader.

People automatically think that your brand is way better than the competitors. On the other hand, websites that rank low on SERPs have a disadvantage. A potential visitor may feel that the particular website lacks the expertise of credibility.

Why Do Businesses Hire An SEO Agency? What Is The Common SEO Service Pricing?

1. SEO Agencies Bring Expertise To Your Business. Websites that rank in the top Google organic search results list have a 33% higher traffic flow. Hiring an SEO agency is beneficial for a business because it allows them to gain industry-proven strategies as an SEO expert works with their team.

SEO agencies know more than you! Honestly, if you don't have the prerequisite knowledge or expertise with SEO, you may end up wasting your time on inefficient SEO strategies.

Outsourcing an SEO agency means your business will stay in touch with the latest SEO trends. Hence, you can invest your precious time in other essential aspects of your business.


2. SEO Professionals Can Help You Gain A Higher ROI. Every dollar you spend on optimizing your website with the latest SEO trends, you fetch a higher amount of traffic on your website.

Hence, you'll receive more visitors or customers, which will boost your sales. SEO experts can help your business improve its online visibility, due to which your business will be able to drive more traffic and revenues.

3. SEO Professionals Will Add more Value. When website optimization takes place, your website aligns with the proper search engine performance and visibility metrics. In this way, your online business is set for driving more success.

Today, several companies are utilizing the services of an SEO expert who is helping them in enhancing their client conversion and acquisition.

If you choose to avoid an SEO company and continue to invest your time in mediocre SEO tactics, then you might end up losing your audience to a competitor.

Apart from the benefits of hiring an SEO professional, we must also talk about the standard SEO pricing. You must never forget one thing - cheap SEO plans mean low-quality SEO strategies!

Although we can't provide a definite budget bracket for SEO because it comes in various pricing options, we can evaluate the rough estimates.

Monthly SEO usually costs between $2,500 to $5,000 each month; however, you'll find performance-based SEO companies that charge as per the given results. Other SEO agencies have hourly or per project-based rates.

What Factors Affect Your SEO Budget? Why Does The Estimate Differ From Person To Person?

To obtain an exact estimation of SEO pricing from a marketer or a company, you have to provide some vital information to them about your company's current performance or business objectives. It will help them to determine the amount of work they have to do to achieve the targets.

They evaluate the kind of content your website needs, how much time they need to dedicate to the project, etc. If we have to list down the determining factors, we would say that these critical elements define what your SEO budget would look like:

  • The present condition of your organic search.

  • The average revenue your business generates with each sale.

  • What kind of closing leads to sales your company has.

  • What are your campaign goals or expectations?

  • Within how much time do you want to see the results?

  • What is your current marketing budget?

  • What is your industry type?

  • What is your geographical location?

These are some of the common factors that determine your SEO pricing.

How To Get An Accurate Quote For Your SEO Marketer?

SEO professionals or an SEO company won't provide you with an exact quote for their SEO services. First, they need to evaluate the present state of your business.

In the previous section, we have mentioned how several factors influence the cost of SEO services. Hence, you must always choose tailor-made SEO packages from a marketer who has in-depth knowledge of your business.


What Is Performance-Based SEO Pricing? Is It Different From Packaged-Based Pricing?

Performance-based SEO pricing is also known as Pay-for-Performance SEO. It works in the interests of the client. The Pay-for-Performance (PFP) model charges a client only when their website achieves the top rankings for a list of specific keywords.

Unlike packaged-based SEO pricing, the PFP model requires a nominal setup fee, after which the agency charges the client based on the results obtained.

Such performance-based models may look enticing; however, the client must carefully look at the metrics that define success according to the service provider. PFP models have a low long-term value and may lead to complications.

Hence, if you are investing in a PFP SEO model, you must ensure that your service provider is transparent about all the details.

Does Low Pricing Mean Low SEO Service Quality? How To Determine A Reasonable Quote?

Nowadays, we see so many companies offering "cheap SEO services," are cheap SEO services inadequate? Low-cost SEO services have their drawbacks because you can't expect a high-quality output from a low-quality operation.

Cheap SEO services won't offer a customized approach; they would provide you with a copy-and-paste strategy! Such a common strategy won't deliver you the desired outcomes you are looking for. Hence, you must not expect them to provide stellar results.

A cheap SEO service agency will see your brand as a number. You might see delayed responses from their end, lack of communication, etc. All these things will add to your frustration; you won't see good results.

Another terrible aspect of investing in cheap SEO services is working with low-experienced SEO managers. In some cases, you'll see account managers who don't have the required skill or expertise to back their strategies.

They won't know how to keep up with the latest SEO trends. Therefore, you should avoid SEO services that may harm your business and profitability.

Should Businesses Increase Their SEO Budgets Over Time?

If your business is looking to upscale its ROI or results, it must scale up its budgets for fully-managed SEO marketing campaigns.

Ultimately, your company will get support from an experienced team, more targeted campaigns, and better results. By expanding your budget, you will be able to unlock untapped growth areas which will help you outperform your competitors.

Investing in high-quality SEO services can prove to be very cost-effective as you'll get a more significant return on investment.

You must remember that SEO is not a race; it is a marathon! Hence, you have to be patient in putting effort into link-building, content creation, keyword inclusion, etc., to get better outcomes.


How to determine your ROI for SEO services?

If an SEO agency gives you a guaranteed ROI, you must carefully analyze their case studies or past results with their old clients.

When you invest in SEO, you can't accurately predict the kind of ROI you will make. However, the majority of businesses that invest in reliable and high-end SEO services fetch positive results. The average rate of return may depend on various other factors; hence, we can't pin down the exact budget.

You must also remember that SEO is a time-taking process. You have to be very patient before expecting any results from them. SEO is way different from paid marketing; you can't expect a quick boost in traffic within a couple of days.

To reap the maximum results, you have to wait for the first four to six months; you have to be consistent with your strategies and ensure you align them with the latest SEO practices.


We hope you got an overview of SEO pricing and the various elements that determine how much you’ll pay—honestly, no one-size-fits-all budget for companies that need SEO services to enhance their online business.

The exact cost of SEO services depends upon numerous factors. However, you should never shy away from investing more in high-quality SEO work. High-quality SEO services will provide you with higher Returns on Investment and better outcomes.

At Digital Marketing Agency, we offer scalable professional SEO services. With our expertise, your business can outrank competitors no matter what industry your organization is in.

Our SEO professionals offer robust campaigns that enhance your visibility over the internet and make your website rank on search results. Get started with us for thriving your online business today! Click here to get a free quote.

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