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A Comprehensive Approach to Marketing Automation


Tracking Analysis

What you know about your audience is the key to marketing automation.


Email Communications

Sending the right message at the right time is the difference between closing a sale and them closing the email.


Lead Management

We analyze how you capture potential leads, what metrics you're tracking, and how you determine what to convey to them.


Channel Analysis

We delve into the different opportunity you have to reach out to leads and whether or not you're taking advantage of them.

In-Depth Marketing Automation Audit

Let us put you on the right path towards excellence.

Your are passionate about what you do. We are passionate about letting you focus on that. We help businesses automate their marketing processes to help them focus more on the things that matter most to their business. Our comprehensive approach to marketing automation analysis involves an in-depth look at a granular level. Each and every audience, message, metric, and trigger is scrutinized to make sure you not only have the methodology down, but a strategy that actually works. Your marketing automation should be an asset, not a risk.



One of the things many marketers fail to get right is tracking. While you can have a strong strategy for messages and follow-ups, if your data is off you cannot possible be reaching the right audiences. We analyze how you're tracking your audience and the accuracy of that information compared to how accurate it could be.


Lead Management

Analyze Your Leads

Your leads are crucial to closing business. We analyze how you're tracking and classifying your leads. Understanding your history with a lead and acting upon that history is essential to closing more business. Our team looks into where you're obtaining leads, the information you're retaining, and how much effort is placed into understand that audience. We provide a list of recommendations on how you can improve your understanding and therefore your marketing efforts with your lead generation efforts.




We identify where your business is fighting a losing battle and where your business has completely missed the mark. Most of our clients don't realize which channels they are neglecting. We analyze your objectives and the opportunities you have in email, social media, phone calls, and traditional mailing.


Your Custom Report

Catered to Your Requirements

Your business is different. We understand that. Your audit is catered to what you look to achieve from your marketing automation. We help you identify where your current campaign is failing and what you need to do specifically to take a more comprehensive approach to reaching out to potential clients. Since marketing can be a confusing puzzle, our team is ready to help you transform your efforts into results. We provide you with a detailed report of what we can do to help you and what we've done for businesses like your own through automation.

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