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Triggers and Events

We analyze and understand how your marketing works and how your audience interacts with you to generate your messages and your approach to communication.


Marketing Channels

Our analysis delves into the different components in your approach to marketing automation to identify new relevant channels and issues with your existing ones.


Lead Engagement

How you engage with your audience is just as important as when and where you target them. We analyze the communication you have alongside automation.


Lead Segmentation

It is mission critical to segment your audiences. Segmentation means the difference between talking to them and building a relationship with them.

Free Marketing Automation Analysis

Find the cause of conversion loss.

It's not enough to have a strategy for marketing automation. While it is nice to not have to worry about sending emails and following up on engagements, the strategy needs to account for the intricacies of your marketing objectives, your audiences, and how those audiences engage with your brand. Our analysis takes into consideration all of the common elements in marketing automation as well as your goals and objectives to create custom metrics and insight. We help you understand the state of your campaign, where you could be losing out, and how we can help.



While marketing automation has certainly evolved over the years, we have been evolving alongside it. Our team understands how important it is to make sure your campaign has the right message, the right triggers, and the right approach to not only driving lead generation, but supporting it for optimal conversions.


Visual Pathway To Online Success

Create a plan of attack for your marketing automation.

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the whole picture. Effective marketing automation campaigns often have a large number of moving pieces which all require attention from time to time. Our report offers you a clear picture of what you're doing, what that is resulting in, and what can be done to ensure you're truly leveraging these efforts. We create a plan of attack to enable you to create a campaign which has tangible benefits to your business and show you what we can do as your dedicated marketing automation experts.




We want to become fully invested in your campaign. Let us become the driving force for your automation. Through our experience and our curated approach, we ensure your campaign is built not just on best practices, but on the subtleties of how your audience interacts with your unique brand and initiatives.


Enjoy a Faster Conversion Cycle

Grow From Your New Business

The hands-on approach to marketing is a complex process that makes it a long-term ordeal to take an account from start to finish. There are many opportunities for that process to fail and for the opportunity to fall out of your hands. we ensure that each and every step of that process from the initial outreach to the moment you close the deal is built with your infrastructure in mind, automatically generating the right message when you need it. By removing the human element while retaining the subtle nuance of a personalized approach, you'll enjoy a faster conversion cycle.

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