DMA Announces New Healthcare SEO Research Initiative

DMA Announces New Healthcare SEO Research Initiative

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November 26, 2018

Digital Marketing Agency announces a new initiative to conduct research on SEO and its relevance to healthcare providers and professionals.

Digital Marketing Agency (DMA), an award-winning digital marketing agency, has announced a new research initiative to perform ongoing SEO research on search marketing for the healthcare industry. The decision was made due to numerous algorithmic changes performed by Google on a variety of healthcare topics to assist healthcare organizations in achieving strong positioning for search terms relevant to their unique healthcare services.

We are proud to be conducting research to help our partners in healthcare and have highly motivated SEO professionals involved to help the healthcare industry as a whole in 2019 and beyond.

The initiative serves as a way to provide healthcare professionals and marketers with helpful tools and research to make better decisions in reaching web users that are looking for medical advice or help. Whitepapers will be published in 2019 free of charge on the DMA website for those interested in learning from the conclusions drawn from the research.

Learn more about DMA’s healthcare marketing initiatives:

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