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DMA Announces New Openings in Chicago Office

DMA Announces New Openings in Chicago Office

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October 21, 2013

Openings Published on Website

DMA, a leading digital marketing firm, has announced several new openings as a part of a new marketing initiative. The job openings have been published on the digitalmarketingagency.com website and consist of seven positions in marketing, three managerial positions, and a clerical position.

“We believe in bringing the best out of the people we connect with,” said Sean Clarke, a digital solutions architect for DMA. “We are planning on some new marketing initiatives and are looking for marketers interested in taking their skills to the next level.”

The announced marketing positions require individuals that have basic experience in different aspects of search engine optimization and social media marketing. Managerial positions involve overseeing the new marketing initiatives and require solid knowledge of tracking and reporting digital marketing campaigns. Specifics of the openings are posted in the job openings on the DMA website.

Learn more about the job openings:


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