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January 20, 2014

Digital Marketing Agency Announces New Content Marketing Offerings


January 20, 2014

DMA to offer content marketing effective immediately.

Digital Marketing Agency, a leading provider of digital marketing solutions, has announced a new offering of content marketing services. The aim of the new offering assists online businesses achieve prominent placements in leading online publications and niche-focused blogs for traffic and SEO benefit. DMA has launched a new service page to offer businesses a look at how they perform content marketing and how it can benefit them.

“Content marketing is increasingly picking up steam as many brands are finding it to be a more organic and impactful strategy compared to how companies have been doing it since as far back as 2005,” said Sean Clarke, a digital solutions architect at DMA. “Online content is an important component of the digital marketer’s toolkit, and we want to make sure our clients are getting the most out of it.”

The decision to highlight content marketing as a prominent digital marketing strategy was made after research was conducted on the effectiveness of different marketing strategies and channels over the span of two years. Content marketing performed well in the long-term offering clients of DMA a benefit that continues to produce increasingly potent results.

Those interested in learning more about DMA’s content marketing offerings can visit:

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