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December 31, 2015

Digital Marketing Agency Announces New Real Estate Marketing Offering in 2016.


December 31, 2015

New research offers insight into real estate marketing.

DMA | Digital Marketing Agency, an innovative online marketing firm, has announced new real estate marketing offerings in 2016. The announcement was made after research had been conducted on digital marketing in the real estate industry and its role in connecting home buyers with influential brokers and agents. The research was conducted between the months of July and December in 2015.

The announcement comes after the conclusion of the research highlighted major hurdles that digital marketers often fail to address specific to the real estate industry. DMA offers specialized local SEO strategies and employs content marketing to assist real estate brokers in building a relationship between their agents and home buyers.

In a statement released by DMA’s VP of Marketing, Manny Velez, it was revealed that many home buyers turn to the Internet for research before making their first contact with an agent.

“We’re seeing a national shift in online research. Just as many younger buyers turn to the Internet before they head to the store to buy the latest gadget, they are also turning to the Internet when looking for homes or trying to find the right broker. Both buyers and sellers rely on online information, especially younger buyers.”

Digital Marketing Agency offers local search marketing and content marketing solutions alongside more standard digital marketing solutions for brokers looking to reach new markets and audiences online.

Learn more about DMA’s real estate marketing solutions.

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