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November 17, 2014

DMA to Produce Whitepaper on Marketing for Venture Capitalists


November 17, 2014

Free VC Marketing Insight

DMA (Digital Marketing Agency), a leading innovator in the digital marketing space, announces the production of a whitepaper focusing on digital marketing and the venture capitalist industry. The whitepaper will be made available on the website to marketers and venture capitalists looking for insight into how to most effectively market VC efforts and opportunities.

“The technology industry is seeing an increase in angel investors and venture capital opportunities as a whole,” said Sean Clarke, a digital solutions architect at DMA. “We believe it is important for marketers to be aware of different marketing channels and how communications differ from your standard consumer-facing or B2B client. It’s also important for VCs to understand the marketing potential their brand has to reach potent startups looking for financial assistance.”

The whitepaper will outline different marketing challenges venture capitalists face when marketing for both their selves and the brands they invest in.

DMA also assists VCs in their marketing efforts. To learn more, visit:

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