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June 03, 2013

Top Digital Marketing Trends Uncovered by DMA


June 3, 2013

SEO Trends Revealed

DMA (Digital Marketing Agency) has published their top digital marketing trends in 2019. The published trends were identified over a year of research and reflecting upon client projects. The decision to publish the findings was made due to DMA’s commitment towards education.

“Our success has been highly reliant on the excellent education found in the industry, and we have a responsibility to support it,” said Sean Clarke, a digital solutions architect at DMA. “Any way we can help digital marketers learn more effectively, the better the industry as a whole will become. This is why we publish our findings when some other firms prefer to keep it to themselves.”

In the published findings the digital marketing agency has recommended SEO specialists to move away from unsavory link building practices and invest in more content and narrative-driven efforts with published and earned media.

DMA provides a variety of digital marketing solutions including search engine optimization, pay per click management, and web design and development services.

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