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Our results

  • 65%

    Increase in on-site traffic.

  • 37%

    Increase in referral rates.

  • 4x

    Return on annual investment.


A diving equipment manufacturer in Gasport, New York, needed much more visibility on the web and a content strategy that would effectively represent and promote their products. In addition, the client wanted to create a microsite where people could learn all about diving and at the same time the client could promote their brand.


DMA started by upgrading the client’s website. We updated product information and rebuilt the website from outdated Flash-based content to an HTML-based website. Then, by implementing the CMS-driven WordPress platform, we laid the groundwork for the client to use additional user-generated content. To help the client with their microsite, we hired a subject matter expert to write technical content about diving and a local photographer to shoot high-quality product images. DMA also hired a local video agency to produce several different kinds of videos — how tos, training, and tips — to be published on YouTube.

They’re like this one-stop shop for all things website-related. They took care of hiring a subject matter expert to write content about technical diving.

Scott Temple
Diving Equipment Manufacturer
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