Medical E-commerce Site

Our results

  • 178%

    Increase in search traffic.

  • 58%

    Increase in sales revenue.

  • 33%

    Increase in keywords on Page One Google search results


A medical ecommerce site based in Asheville, North Carolina, needed help with generating traffic. In the past two years, their traffic had become stagnant. Because 87% of their current traffic was coming from paid advertising, they wanted to shift to getting more organic traffic. They also desperately needed a boost in sales revenue since that profit source had declined over the past three years.


DMA reanalyzed keyword priority and discovered additional informational keywords that had less competition. Then, we helped the client create content that aligned more with their customers’ intent. After research, we identified long-tail keywords to bring the client more traffic overall. As a final step, we analyzed and prioritized on-page SEO by the keywords in the URL, page title, and H1 tags.

We saw positive results all the way. A 178% increase in search traffic, 58% increase in sales revenue, and 33% increase in keywords on Page 1 Google search results.

Dave Jenkins
Medical E-commerce Site
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