Shoe Retail Store

Our results

  • 77%

    Increase in organic traffic.

  • 101%

    Increase in revenue.

  • 19%

    Increase in organic conversion rate.


The owner of a brick-and-mortar shoe store in the Indianapolis, Indiana, area was experiencing the negative results of increased competition from the local online marketplace for the past two years. He realized that he needed to increase his inventory turnover through online sales and increase the low traffic and conversion rate on his website.


DMA reanalyzed keyword prioritization and campaign development by adding more keywords that aided conversion from organic search. By creating and implementing high-converting landing pages, we were able to help the client increase his conversion rate and the average online order value. Finally, we designed and deployed long-term SEO and link-building campaigns for the client.

Digital Marketing Agency reanalyzed keyword prioritization and campaign development by getting more keywords that would help conversion from people doing Google searches.

Jamal Harris
Shoe Retail Store
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