Online Shopping Service

Our results

  • 107%

    Increase in seller sign ups.

  • 553%

    Increase in buyer sign ups.

  • $20K+

    Generated in the first month.


An online shopping service based in Dallas, Texas, needed a mobile application where people could see every restaurant and grocery store in the vicinity. The mobile app also needed to show live tracking of the status of an order in real time on a map. Finally, the client needed integration with a payment processing system and the capability for the customer to pay now and get the delivery later.


After analyzing all the requirements, DMA created three apps at the same time: one for buyers, one for deliverers, and one for sellers. We prototyped the basic UI and wireframes. Because we had studied many similar on-demand applications, we were confident that we knew the best way to display the information. We created detailed wireframes, picked the color schemes, and chose readable fonts to create a set of UI elements. To finish the project, DMA implemented Google APIs to show nearby stores and integrated PayPal for the client’s payment system.

It’s really quite remarkable. 107 percent increase in seller sign ups. 553 percent increase in buyers sign ups and over 20,000 dollars generated in the first month of the launch.

Kathryn Long
Online Shopping Service
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