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Online advertising can be daunting and tiresome, but our PPC experts make it look easy. Hear directly from our clients how our paid search has helped them not only close more business, but attract the right buyers for a better conversion rate.

UK Hotel Chain


Our results

  • 675%

    Increase in bookings.

  • 122%

    Increase in conversion rate.

  • 57%

    Decrease in cost per click.


When a hotel chain based in London, UK, migrated data to their new website, they lost all of their organic search engine rankings. For the client, this caused a problem that required an immediate solution. They needed a steady flow of leads for hotel bookings. The client also recognized that there was high competition for their main keywords.


After reassessing the client’s campaign on the basis of their current demographics and audience interests, DMA tweaked the campaign to have a specific goal and ad messaging. This fine-tuning ensured the campaign’s effectiveness. To further help the client, DMA performed split-testing on the hotel’s landing page to identify which page would increase the conversion rate. Finally, DMA installed a tracking pixel at different stages of the booking process to see where drop-offs occurred.

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They redesigned our landing page to increase our site conversion rate and they even tackled some copywriting for us. Helped with writing some high converting ads and some image ads too.

Edward Astin
Hotel Chain

Online Store


Our results

  • 67%

    Increase in ad impressions.

  • 79%

    Increase in clicks.

  • 35%

    Increase in sales value.


An ecommerce business based in Austria that sells fashion accessories needed to improve the number of sales through paid advertising. The client was also concerned that their conversion rate was very low, about 0.5%. At the same time, the client needed to decrease their cost per acquisition for the campaign they were currently running.


DMA researched the client’s competitors in order to discover new keywords to target. Within the client’s current campaign, DMA compiled data through customer profiling to determine which categories to target for the highest returns. Then, we restructured their Google Ads campaign to target new keywords with a broader regional scope. That move saved the client money by decreasing the cost per click because they could stay away from higher cost-per-click keywords. The final help we provided was analyzing the company’s landing page and making changes that would increase the conversion rate.

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I’m happy to report that we experienced a 67% increase in ad impressions, a 79% increase in clicks, and a 35% increase in sales value.

Ingrid Huett
Online Store
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