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Our results

  • 92%

    Positive results on page one on Google.

  • 12%

    Increase in new clients in the last 6 months.

  • 87%

    Improved positive results in image search.


A real estate developer in Denver, Colorado, suffered from a devastating negative image showing up on the first page of Google search results. That image, coupled with personal family issues being spread over the internet, meant he was experiencing a decline in new clients compared to the previous year.


To improve the client’s credibility and reduce the focus on his personal life, DMA built a digital platform that focused on the client’s contributions to his community and his work. Then, we created multiple outposts to highlight his business and collect positive feedback from his existing clients. We mass-distributed this incisive content, spreading it across a wide array of blogs, custom-built websites, and business profiles. Finally, DMA revamped the content and images on the client’s personal websites and performed an aggressive SEO campaign to boost the overall website authority.

They matched my expectations perfectly because I had done my homework on DMA. I had studied how they had managed the reputations of other businesses.

Wayne Merrick
Real Estate Developer
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