Consumer Packaged Goods

Our results

  • 154%

    Increase in traffic from search engines.

  • 70%

    Increase in keywords indexed.

  • 33%

    Increase in sales from the new website.


A manufacturer of consumer packaged goods based in Phoenix, Arizona, had a new website but didn’t have an in-house SEO team or anyone with the expertise to develop and implement their SEO strategy.


DMA analyzed the client’s keyword targeting and content strategy. With the results, we were able to create a meaningful and effective content calendar that the client would easily be able to follow and plug into their website. We improved the manufacturer’s website accessibility and their UX elements and set up tracking for them. As a final help, DMA planned and launched an outreach link strategy for the client.

Traffic from search engines is up by a whopping 154%. Keywords indexed by search engines is up by 70%, and sales from our new website are up 33%.

Steven Masterson
Consumer Packaged Goods
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