Non-Profit Social Marketing Agency

Our results

  • 52%

    Increase in Facebook fans.

  • 123%

    Increase in Twitter link clicks.

  • 78%

    Increase in Instagram followers.


A social marketing agency for nonprofit organizations based in Owensboro, Kentucky, needed to create an efficient and scalable day-to-day social campaign for their enterprise client. The agency lacked the resources necessary to create a consistent campaign that succeeded in terms of target audience reach and goals. The agency also wanted to uncover more opportunities that would have a significant impact on the audience.


To begin, DMA scheduled content, found opportunities to engage with supporters, and identified influencers. Then, using our proprietary software for reporting and social listening tools, we found new conversations and additional opportunities. Finally, we produced educational materials to help the agency’s clients understand strategy and how to use social media marketing efficiently.

They moved on to find new ways to engage with our supporters and then identified influencers who would be important down the road.

Katy Simpson
Non-Profit Social Marketing Agency
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