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Ad Extensions at the Ad Group Level

Google defines Ad Extensions as follows: "Ad Extensions are extra snippets of relevant information about your business that can be added to your AdWords text ads. These can include your business' location, phone number, business ratings, and more (via AdWords Glossary) There are two categories of Ad Extensions: Automatic and Manual Ad Extensions." According to HubSpot "1) Better Click-Through-Rates AdWords Extensions provide additional ways for searchers to learn more about your business and to interact with your ad. Searchers can make a phone call or go directly to the service page that they’re looking for from your ad/ 2) Increased Visibility Using Ad Extensions lets your ad take up more PPC real estate, making your ads stand out from the others. Just compare the ads with and without extensions above and you’ll see that the ads with extensions look more robust and informative than those without extensions. 3) Give Relevant Information at the Right Time If a searcher wants to see a more specific page or specific information (such as reviews), AdWords Extensions can provide just that! 4) Gives a Better User Experience Because you are giving a searcher more information about your business and services, they’ll have a better idea of what to expect when clicking on your ads. 5) No Added Charge, But More Valuable Clicks If a searcher calls your business from your ad or clicks to a service page, you’re charged the same amount as if they clicked on your headline. Because the searcher is getting to the page / contact method they want, these clicks are often more valuable."

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