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How Do I Rank Higher On Google?

Most people see Google as the gatekeeper of everything online. Though Google is a behemoth and household name, it's core job is to provide information to seekers. DMA CEO, Solomon Thimothy, provides key elements on what your site(s) should have from keyword usage, content on pages, internal & external links, video, etc. It's all about the quality of information, content, and links on your site.

Remember, Google is looking at the quality of websites. You want to build your site's authority. Think about what will keep people on your site. What are you trying to tell or sell to the public? Your site's content is key. Google Analytics provides great information on your site's effectiveness. See where visitors are spending their time and leaving. Tweaking and adjusting your site's content, usability, internal links, etc. will result in your site ranking higher and eventually the first page.

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