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How to Rank in Google Position Zero 0

According to Forbes: Google’s Featured Snippets are a powerful opportunity to not only quickly beat your competitor, but also beat the No. 1 organic ranking in Google to earn, effectively, position zero. Using data from Google's knowledge graph, answers to questions that users type into the search box appear with a short snippet of information, preventing the need for the user to click through to the target web page. This saves users' times and provides information without the need for a single click to take place. 1. Take a look at your FAQ page: Utilizing FAQ pages are a fantastic way to bring all of the snippet content you develop to fruition. When developing a snippable FAQ page, spread your content out.

2. Optimize word count: When you optimize your content for Google’s algorithms, your chance of earning a featured snippet will increase. Snippet research has found that word count plays a significant role in what sites get the coveted position zero spot. 3. Use paragraphs, numbered lists, bullets and tables: The Google Featured Snippet format you use can also impact how algorithms place your snippable content above your competitors'. If you have content that can be developed into table format, your chances for position zero may increase. Choosing to display data in tables may help you rank for snippets that have multiple data points. 4. Add headers and steps to your snippets: Place your search query in an H1, H2, or H3 header to maximize position zero success. This will add additional weight to the term, enhancing relevance and aiding in floating that term to the page one top spot. For question queries, or “how to” searches, Google doesn’t always pull content from a paragraph format.

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