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Digital Marketing News 03/15/2022 – 03/21/2022

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This week on latest digital marketing updates: Twitter adds a new creator dashboard so users can view earnings and track subscriptions, Twitter rolls out an additional swipe feature to switch from the top tweets feed, and the chronological tweets feed, Google silently phases out reverse image search to make way for Google Lens, Twitter tests more visible alt texts to improve image accessibility, a new set of tools available for Facebook group admins now available, and Google web stories test URL and favicon placement in the web story footer.

Here are the latest news, trends, and updates in detail:


Twitter Adds New Dashboard for Creators to Track Monetization

Twitter tests a new Creator Dashboard to help content creators view earnings and track subscriptions over time.

On March 8, Twitter introduced a new monetization option for creators. The new dashboard will provide oversight into the various income streams in the app, including information on Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces, along with a payout tracker to help creators stay on top of their posts.


Twitter explains, "[Creator Dashboard] is designed to help creators further understand how they make money on Twitter and how much they are earning from monetization features, Ticketed Spaces, and Super Follows. Easily accessible from the Monetization tab, the dashboard is a clear way for creators to search through their payment history and see details about upcoming payouts.”

The new Creator Dashboard is available to US creators on iOS that have participated in Ticketed Spaces and/or Super Follows and have at least 10k followers.


Twitter Rolls Out Additional Swipe Feature to Switch From Top Tweets and Chronological Tweets 

If you’re on the Latest Tweets section, you’ll now need to do an additional swipe to go to your profile. 

Sliding between the Top Tweets and the Chronological Tweets can be accessed using the star icon on the top-right corner of the screen. Switching between the two feeds can now be done through an additional swipe. 

It’s rolling out to iOS, but Twitter said it's soon coming to Android and the web in the coming weeks.

The company has been trying different features and refinements in the last 18 months. Fleets being a great example of a failed experiment that was soon scrapped. The fleet was Twitter's take on Instagram Stories. They are auto-expiring posts that would disappear in 24 hours. The feature only lasted only eight months before disappearing entirely because it didn't fly and users preferred to still tweet.


Google Reverse Image Search Silently Phased Out

It appears that Search Google for this Image feature context menu has been retired in favor of a new option, Search Image with Google Lens.

Upon clicking the new Search Image with Google Lens, users will be taken to website. However, at the bottom right of the results page, an option to Retry with Google Images is available. 

Previously, you can restore reverse image search by disabling the Lens feature by heading to chrome://flags, and setting #enable-lens-region-search to disabled. However, despite said flag still visible, it does nothing when ticked.

Third-party extensions are available to restore one-click reverse image search, such as Search by Image by Armin Sebastian. With a couple of customization from the extensions options, reverse-searching images would work, similar to how the old search of Google worked.


Twitter Tests More Visible Alt Texts

Twitter is testing two new features to improve image accessibility on mobile and desktop.

Alt texts are descriptive texts accompanying an image to accommodate visual impairment such as blindness, having low vision, using assistive technology, or those living in low-bandwidth areas. 

Currently, Twitter tests a visible alt badge and exposed image descriptions to improve image accessibility. In an announcement, Twitter states it’s testing the features with 3% of users across iOS, Android, and web browsers. Twitter aims to launch these globally at the beginning of April.

To view an image description, a user can tap or click the alt badge on the lower-left portion of the images. Doing this will open the image description, as shown on the example below.


To add an image description, you can do the following: 

  1. Upload an image

  2. Select “Add description” under the image

  3. Write a description

  4. Select “Save”

  5. Send tweet

Doing so will add the alt badge to the image. Descriptions can be between one to one thousand characters in length. Multiple image uploads can have a unique description to each.


New Set of Tools Available for Facebook Group Admins

Facebook adds new features to Facebook Groups to help admins manage communities more efficiently.

Facebook recently shared amazing new features to help Facebook group admins keep groups safe and healthy, reduce misinformation, and easily manage and grow the community with relevant audiences.

The new features include:

  • QR codes – when scanned, people can be redirected to the group’s about page, where they can read more about the group and request to join.

  • Invites via email – admins can now invite people to the group via email.

  • Admin assistant updates – automatically approve or decline member requests based on specific criteria, such as if all member questions are answered. Posts can now be automatically declined if they are identified to contain false information based on third-party fact-checkers.

  • New suspend function – temporarily restricting group members from posting, commenting, reacting, replying, chatting, or entering a Room in a group, similar to how the Mute function of Discord works.


Google Web Stories Test URL and Favicon in Web Story Footer 

Google seems to be testing displaying the favicon and the domain the web story is from, while on the web story, in the footer of the story.

Twitter user Brodie Clark posted the discovery and this new feature which may be rolling out soon. This test gives a bit more visibility to brands that utilize web stories for their content. 


What you can do next

  • If you manage a Facebook group, explore the new functions to automate some processes that may add hours to your community managers. 

  • Add alt texts to all images you post on Twitter for accessibility of all types of users. 

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