Social media is an important tool for any business looking to connect with their customers. When it comes to the accounting industry there are many ways to use social media effectively to grow brand awareness and recruit new clients. We can help.

Hire DMA to transform your social into sales.

Hire DMA to transform your social into sales.

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Build your accounting brand on social.

Establish a strong brand in a competitive market.

Social media can be a powerful way of raising your online profile and you can multiply the effect of your posts, and social presence, by including the use of paid advertising on key platforms. DMA help you establish the best social sites for your accounting business and undertake advertising campaigns designed to help you raise brand awareness while promoting your services to new audiences. Used in conjunction with other marketing strategies, social media can help you get reach more people at lower costs than traditional marketing campaigns.

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Accounting Social Media

Businesses don’t just “do” social media. You do it to target an outcome. We help you generate new business on social media by driving enquiries and directing audiences to contact you when they need advice or guidance on their accounting needs.

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Accounting leads in social media.

Let your content establish your credibility.

Being on social media doesn’t mean producing new articles every day. It’s about using new and existing content to demonstrate the value, knowledge, and credibility of your business. At DMA we help maximize your expertise of the accounting industry and connect you to an audience in need of your services. We create new, engaging content that your audience will love, while sourcing content from leading industry bodies that can be re-purposed and distributed through your social channels to demonstrate an authoritative and informed voice in the world of accounting.

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