With more and more people turning online for their retail needs, put your business front and centre with key audiences by building social profiles that position you as their first-choice online store.

Hire DMA to transform your social into sales.

Hire DMA to transform your social into sales.

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Build a relationship with retail buyers.

Use social media to create a conversation with buyers.

In an ever competitive retail market you need to stand out and sell more. With customers increasingly turning online for the best offers, create and maintain social media profiles that ensure every opportunity for a sale is taken. At DMA we help online retailers connect with, communicate to, and convert, their customers, creating positive experiences that help them choose you as their retailer of choice. Use social media to promote offers and discounts at key times of the year and incorporate intelligent campaigns that drip feed offers to keep consumers wanting more.

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Retail Social Media

Just because the store is closed, doesn’t mean you are. Social media has meant that retailers need to be open 24/7 and respond to queries and questions from customers at any time of day. Our team can help with 24 hour monitoring of your social feeds.

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Use feedback to evolve your retail brand.

Feedback on social media can fuel future endeavors.

Retail isn’t just about the here and the now, it’s about what your customers wanted yesterday, what they want today, and what they are going to want tomorrow. DMA help retailers plan, adapt, and evolve, to emerging retail trends by monitoring online engagements and reporting these to you. We help you identify the next big thing and position you online as the supplier who can meet customer demand. Use social media to engage your customers and build a positive social profile with campaigns designed to bring them back every time.

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