A franchise's online reputation can be hard to maintain. As more franchisees enter the market, miscommunication can lead to major reputation issues. We work proactively to create and protect a positive brand image.

Make sure your reputation is safe with DMA.

Make sure your reputation is safe with DMA.

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Your search reputation speaks volumes.

What does it say about your franchises?

When potential buyers are looking up your franchise for either directions or information, what type of information are they finding? Our reputation management services focus on cleaning up search results by promoting online listings and accurate information while removing inaccurate information and content that could be damaging to your brand.

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Online Reviews

Online Reviews 5-Star Opportunities

Your franchisees are directly affected by online reviews. Our review monitoring and management works to identify and address problematic reviews for mutual benefit while encouraging franchisees to obtain positive reviews from happy clients.

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Real Time Monitoring for Quick Response.

Solve issues before they become a problem.

Our real-time monitoring checks sentiment and coverage of your brand and franchises on various channels, including search engine results, online communities, and social media. We develop strategies to address common issues while communicating with our clients to solve uncommon issues. Our strategies often involve proactive work to address issues as they arise to ensure swift resolution of problems that can damage your brand.

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