Whether it’s raising awareness of changes to legislation, promoting the products and services you offer, or talking about your involvement in a high-profile case, social media is an excellent way for the legal services industry to connect with its audience.

Hire DMA to transform your social into sales.

Hire DMA to transform your social into sales.

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Build your law firm on social media.

Establish credibility with potential clients.

When individuals and businesses are seeking legal services their natural inclination is to use search engines and social media to gauge the reputation and customer service of a company. At DMA we work across multiple digital avenues to ensure that your business is represented online in the most positive way possible. This includes growing your social media following and asking previous customers to leave positive reviews that will help you establish your credibility to new and potential clients. We’ll help you reach new audiences and be respected for what you do.

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Legal Social Media

Social media is a great place for your content to be published. By working with us to develop a content management plan we ensure you are consistently seen as leading the legal services industry as experts in each area of your specialisms.

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Communicate legal help effectively.

Using the right language for your consumers.

You may use certain terminology on a daily basis but your audience may be put off if they don’t fully understand what you are posting or putting it in a way that they can comprehend. Our expert copywriters translate your legal services and expertise into messages that help sell your law firm as a company that understands their customers and provides services that match their legal needs, whatever they are. This helps you come across as approachable yet informed, growing the opportunity to generate sales leads.

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