Connect with fans and promote your publications to new readers with a social media profile that creates interest and engages your audience. Overcome the challenges of promoting your work with social media campaigns that make an impact.

Hire DMA to transform your social into sales.

Hire DMA to transform your social into sales.

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Cost effective marketing for publications.

Reach more people for less on social media.

At DMA we know how important budgets are and how vital it is to maximize every penny being spent on both raising awareness and creating sales opportunities. Our team of social media experts will work with you to ensure your money is spent wisely and used to target the ideal demographic of readers who would be interested in, and enjoy, your publication. We use social channels to cross-promote your work, meaning that every opportunity is optimized to get your name seen online.

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You’ve been through the whole writing process, don’t let your efforts go to waste. Using social media to promote your publication, we create approaches designed to maximize exposure of your new piece of work to the perfect audience.

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Set your publication apart from the rest.

Let your brand be heard above the noise.

With new online platforms making publishing easier than before you need a campaign and strategy that puts you ahead of the competition. DMA create approaches to social media that ensure you retain your authenticity while growing interest and followers. We utilize social media as a way of promoting you as an author and your publication as a product that users will be interested in. By raising your profile online we will work with you to ensure that your marketing promotes your publication and drives user-behaviour that responds to call-to-actions.

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