The senior living industry has embraced social networks to reach a growing audience of elderly social media users and their children. We build social media campaigns that leverage the engagement it brings to the table.

Hire DMA to transform your social into sales.

Hire DMA to transform your social into sales.

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Connect with local seniors.

Engage with your target audience for ROI.

One of the core benefits of social media marketing for senior living brands is the ability to connect and engage with their local audience online. Engagement allows the brand to develop a relationship with seniors who might have an interest in their accommodations. We build social media marketing campaigns that focus on engagement for increased conversion.

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Visual Content

Visual Content Grab Their Attention

The visual nature of many social media networks enables more creativity and options to stand out from others in your space. We build visual campaigns that showcase the value and competitive factors your brand brings to the table.

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Learn about your core audience.

Sentiment analysis provides deep insight.

A large portion of your audience likely has a presence on social media. Our strategy for sentiment analysis and social media monitoring allows us to unlock insight about how your prospects and clients feel about your brand, the accommodations, and their overall experiences. We produce timely reports, allowing you to identify any issues so you can offer a superior experience to your audience.

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