Reaching local audiences can be difficult online. Our local SEO campaigns focus on reaching local search users with a variety of strategies that influence local search and map services to highlight our clients.

Boost your local search results with DMA.

Boost your local search results with DMA.

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Reach local substance abusers.

Increase sign-ups through online research.

Someone looking for help either for themselves or for a loved one will likely be searching online. Oftentimes, search engines will focus on local results to help provide them with local treatment centers that can assist them. We focus on driving traffic through local search to direct highly relevant and interested search users to your treatment programs. Local search users are significantly more likely to sign up for a program due to proximity.

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Local Keywords

Local Keywords Target Local Patients

Choosing the right keywords for a local search strategy can be difficult. Our SEO experts perform in-depth research into how local searchers are seeking help and their intent to avoid keywords that won't produce results.

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Local Listings for Substance Abuse Centers

Search engines value online resources in search rankings.

Substance abuse centers and marketing professionals often overlook the value of online business listings and substance abuse resources online. Many websites feature different substance abuse programs that they believe do an excellent job in educating abusers or their loved ones. We have found a positive correlation between being featured in great resources and achieving SEO results. Our team builds relationships with various industry resources and relevant online directories.

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