When researching treatment programs, web users are going to be naturally skeptical. Our reputation management services ensure that what they find out about your programs is a positive representation of what you provide.

Make sure your reputation is safe with DMA.

Make sure your reputation is safe with DMA.

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Monitoring for Substance Abuse Centers

Real-time monitoring resolves issues quickly.

We ensure that your substance abuse center and program can help as many people as possible. We monitor your reputation in real time to ensure any negativity is dealt with in a proactive and engaging way. We also work with your internal resources to ensure negative experiences are handled in a way that allows both parties to move on while establishing positive reinforcement online through a number of marketing strategies.

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Online Reviews

Online Reviews Positive Reinforcement

Online reviews are one of the ways web users do research. We help your treatment centers get positive reviews from patients who have successfully completed rehabilitation while proactively handling negative reviews.

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Search Reputation for Substance Abuse

Improve positive search results for greater conversions.

Chances are when someone wants to learn more about your treatment programs, they’re going to Google the name of your substance abuse center. Our reputation management services ensure that the research they conduct produces positive coverage about your programs. We achieve this through getting your brand featured on a large number of substance abuse resources and through highlighting the benefits of any charity work you do.

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