Treatment centers compete in a highly competitive industry. We connect substance abuse treatment programs and centers with those in need of help through highly competitive SEO strategies.

76% of the SEO campaigns fail. You deserve the best.

76% of the SEO campaigns fail. You deserve the best.

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Competitive Substance Abuse SEO

Reach a local audience in need of help.

DMA prides itself in connecting treatment centers with those looking for help. Our SEO experts understand how to identify key competitors in your area and identify different ways to place above them in the search results. Competitive analysis gives way to unique insight about what others within your industry are doing to achieve results to determine the best way to rise above them.

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Search Intent

Search Intent Reach Local Users

Our keyword strategies focus on the intent of the search to ensure that those searching for treatment are able to find your website. We achieve this through audience research and gaining insight into why particular searches are used.

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Educational Substance Abuse Content

Become an authority and see a search benefit.

Search engines often place emphasis on websites that have high quality educational content. This means becoming an authority in your industry can cause a significant increase in search traffic. Our SEO experts work with industry professionals to develop meaningful insight into substance abuse and all of the challenges that come with it to both educate and entice addicts to get help from your treatment programs.

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